What do YOU do

What do you do when you have hours and hours AND HOURS of time spent on a project and you JUST DON’T like it???

I have a sweater I have been working on for two months and I HATE IT!!! :frog: It seemed like a good idea at the time, it’s very simple Knitting PUre & Simple V neck pattern. But I am using a very fine yarn that has taken ages and ages to knit. I have had to frog large sections because I had trouble with the guage (I changed the number of stitches to make the yarn work) and even now I know it’s going to be too big.

I am all the way to the sleeves and I just can’t make myself finish it. But I feel guilty starting anything else til this is done. I’ve allowed myself to make hats and chemo caps but what I really want to do is start another sweater with my malabrigo.

But every time I pick up my needles the image of the unfinished sweater floats in front of my eyes. I’ve NEVER not finished something. What would YOU do? Would you force yourself to finish it, knowing you most likely would never wear it OR should I just get my yarn baller out and frog frog frog:shrug:

If you don’t like it it’s not working out, if it’s become a chore for you… Rip It Out! and use the yarn for something else, use another yarn on the pattern.


I would do1 of two things. If it’s a wonderful yarn your using, I woujld frog it and re use it later.

OR… Finish it and use as a gift.


i agree, but only if you have someone you’re sure it will fit. I’ve frogged a fair isle sweater that was nearly finished. It was gorgeous colors, wonderful wool, but I just could NOT get it to fit. It is now a lovely afghan. No point in keeping a sweater, even if it does fir, if you don’t like it, because you won’t wear it. Much better to turn it into something else. If you like the yarn, but are tired of dealing with it for now, frog it, roll into balls and put aside for a while. After you make you next sweater, I bet you’ll think of something wonderful to make with this yarn.:knitting::knitting:

If you love the yarn, frog and reuse …

If you hate the yarn, but it is wool … felt the pieces you have already knit … and cut it into pieces for a bag, or coasters, or flowers.

If that doesn’t work …stuff it in a black trash bag and throw it away !

I love the knitting process and have used all of the above options without any guilt!

I actually do LOVE the yarn, in fact I’ve had in in my stash for a year waiting for the “right” project. I also like the pattern but not the two together.

I’ve just NEVER spent so much time on a project and ripped it apart, feels painful!!!

Thanks for the support, guess that is what I was looking for!

I really hear you.

I just frogged something last night. Something that I’d been working on for ages.

it was a gift for my mother. But she wanted it longer than the pattern called for. I thought I’d have enough since she had 4 skeins and the pattern called for 3 skeins. But by the time I lengthened the body and sleeves, there was nothing for the cowl neck.

After 6 months of hunting for the yarn with no luck. I frogged. And I did :frog: a bit too.


Just take a deep breath and do it; you will feel so much better afterwards!

Last year, I made a sweater with Debbie Bliss Merino. I loved everything about the sweater–the yarn, the pattern, the color.

When I blocked it, it got huge. I washed and dried it and got it a bit smaller, and wore it anyway. I felt like I was constantly pulling at the sleeves and driving myself crazy. It sat for months, until I finally just. . . .

I agree with the others, frog it if you just can’t see yourself completing it. Another thought, can you gift it to someone?

I agree with the others, frog it if you just can’t see yourself completing it. Another thought, can you gift it to someone?

Yes, I have experienced the same thing… a good option is to gift the yarn to your local senior center…There are lots of knitters on a fixed income that may want the use of the yarn
They have lots of time on their hands!!
They may even want to finish the sweater…

[U]I LIKE the yarn[/U], just not what I have made out of it. It’s a pretty expensive cashmere so I really am not considering giving the yarn away. Actually finishing the sweater as a gift would be an option but I think it’s too big for even that.

I guess I’ll frog it and put the yarn away. :frog:

Off to get the ball winder before I change my mind.

I hate frogging when I’ve gone so far, but knitting is supposed to be relaxing and fun and if something you’re knitting makes you feel this way then get rid of it! That yarn can go to a new project. :wink:

It’s DONE, I no longer have a 3/4 finished sweater staring me in the face. I feel like a HUGE load has been lifted:woot:

AHHHHHHHHHH but now I need to decide what to do next… I SHOULD do more EMT hats (yes that project is still underway) but I’m sooooooooo tired of neon yellow yarn. The malabrigo is calling my name, but should I start with a scarf or just dive right into the sweater:chair::??:shrug:

Good for you. I enjoy knitting so much that I really don’t get upset about frogging an item that I spent a lot of time on. I just think about it as my relaxing time!! lol :woot:

i would suggest starting with the rainy day scarf. it only takes one skein of mmmmm, and there are several threads in the wat’cha knittin’? forum. i intend to knit up at least a couple of these. it’s a great way to get the feel for such a wonderful new (to you) yarn! :thumbsup:

oh, and congrats on letting go. just think how :woot: you’ll feel when you find the absolutely perfect pattern for that yarn, and vice versa!

Sometimes frogging can be so liberating. It’s like a weight is lifted off of you.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH knitters block relief!!

U started Silver’s Palindrome scarf in a lovly blue green mmmmmmmmmm

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:waving: I just frogged a sweater last night… I knew it wasn’t gonna make it so I put it out of my misery. Now I have a few skeins of yarn to make something I really like! :-P[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]