What do you do?

Since I have really taken to knitting felted bags alot of my friends and co-workers are wanting me to make them some,for money of course. The problem is I have a long list of projects to knit for myself. Do I make theirs first,knit my projects first or work on 2 projects at the same time. I don’t mind knitting for others. It is more $$ for yarn but right now I am getting so behind in the projects I want to do for myself.

Just be careful - this is how I got burned out on quilting - I was always making quilts for other people, to their specifications, and they weren’t always terriblyy appreciative. Take time to do some things for yourself!

Make sure you tell people that it will get done, but you have other projects as well. Also don’t take too many orders at one time and keep track of who ordered first so you can do them in order.

like kitkat I agree with being careful… I use to do alot of primitive stitcheries at first I just sold them here and there… then a shop asked if I would make items just for them… I had so many I would be up so late getting them done… I got burned out and to do this day have trouble stitching anything and I use to love it… also make sure you get what your time is worth if they don’t like the price don’t do it… I know you are just doing it for friends/co-workers but still my first shop really wanted to uncut me and I didn’t know till my mom stepped in who sells her items in WV. Make sure you get the cost out of it but also figure out a price you want to get hourly… and stick to it…

Maybe you could knit one thing for someone then knit something for yourself and so on or just take orders when you feel up to it and let them know you are also working on your own items like Jan said…

I have the same issue…I am always knitting for someone else and I’ve NEVER made anything for myself. I keep telling myself that knitting for others is knitting for me b/c I love the process but when I really think about it…I was a FO of my own! I have several projects/patterns I’ve picked out for myself but I’ve never actually started one of them…:frowning: