What do you do with the tail from casting on?

Trying to knit a scarf for an xmas present. The plan is, if I have success, I will become a knitting fool and make everyone I know one for Xmas. I cast on using the long tail method and that was easy enough. Except what do I do with the remaining part of the tail? The slip knot I used doesn’t seem secure enough to just cut off the end but I don’t know if I am to knot it or what? Thanks in advance!

This seems like a really great site!

You do cut it, but leave about 2-3" and thread it through the stitches near it.

Wow, a reply in 6 minutes! I really appreciate it.

Sounds like you already knit your first row, but next time you can also knit holding it and the working yarn at the same time. then when you come to it again just knit both loops as if they are one. Amy has it in her videos too.

I usually weave it in like this so the ends don’t pop out as easily.


once you have knitted a few rows things become a lot more stable and are less likely to come undone anyway.
Some people choose to carry the tail along with them when they start knitting the first row (just holding it with the workng yarn) which locks it in place and then they snip off the excess. others choose to leave it dangling until they are done and then use a tapestry needle to weave it into the finished work, again tidying it up and locking it in place.