What do you do with straight needles

once you realize you only knit with circs? I’ve got a pretty large collection of straight needles and I haven’t touched them since I got my Harmony circs. I have them sitting in a pretty container on my dresser at the moment. At least they look nice!

What have you all done with your straight needles?

Just wondering.

I never bought that many to begin with. You can sell them, or give them away.

Well, depending on how long and thick they are, there ARE a few patterns out there for making purses out of them.

One example would be the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag which can be found on Ravelry.

Edit: I don’t mean you need them to knit the bag, I mean that the needles will remain in the bag as part of it :slight_smile:

Pass them along to someone who doesn’t have either the finances to purchase them or to someone just learning how to knit that may not have many yet…

Great idea and I’ve done this but I must confess that I have a pair of aluminum size 2s that I use to poke the excess playdoh out of my granddaughter’s Playdoh “Hair Studio”…works perfectly! :fingerwag: :oops: :figureditout:

I donated most of mine to the teen knitting club at our library…I have a set of woooden ones given me by a dear friend that I kept. I still use them occasionally

You know how meditative we all find knitting? There are some folks who could use it in their lives. Try to find a women’s shelter, or a program for teen girls in poor urban areas, etc.-- they’d love to have them (and if you’re feeling really generous-- an offer to teach them how to knit, as well).

I gave a HUGE bag of straights to the Senior Citizens Center. They were thrilled. Many of the “old folks” learned to knit with straights and don’t want to change.

Since I have both the Options and Harmonys from Knit Picks, I use mine when I’m playing with new yarn and trying to find a sitch pattern and gauge I like. It’s easier than screwing and unscrewing the tips. Once I find the look I want, I use my Knit Picks. I also like to have them on hand for teaching someone and loaning them out. It’s nice to be able to get someone started right then and there. Everyone has always returned them after going out and buying their own needles.

You can also put them in a vase for decoration. :slight_smile:

Stitch holders.
I don’t know when I’ll ever do another sweater in pieces but I’m sure I will. Using straights as stitch holders means you don’t have to transfer when it comes time to put them together.

Yup, that’s how I have mine. :slight_smile:

Great idea!! Thanks:thumbsup:

Mine are in a vase on my desk. I also use them for teaching my younger girls to knit. My 7 & 9 year olds go in spurts with wanting to learn, and really working at it to putting it down for long periods of time.

If they ever get committed to it, we could buy them nice circs, but for now, my old straights work great.

Good idea on donating them–I’ll look into that when the girls are finished with them.

When I was younger, they were used as a base for a Christmas Decoration. Basically, you put a straight needle, tip up and add ball ornaments, larger to smaller, kind of forming a tree. Mom always topped it with what I assume was a tree topper - looked kind of like a ball on the bottom, with a cone shaped, pointy top. She put it on the fireplace mantle.

I recently learned how to knit on circs (via “Oddball Pet Snuggles”). My straights have been in a vase for years. When I need them, I just pull them out. Haven’t actually started knitting anything on circs yet though. Although I’m not ready to part with my straights, donating them will be an option when I am.

A friend of mine is trying to get her courage up to learn to knit. I taught her how to crochet years ago, and she’s better at it than I am. (My crochet hooks are in a small crock.)

I have mine for if someone wants to learn to knit.

That is a good tip. Some hospitals have knitting baskets with needles and yarn in waiting areas/room for patients and family to knit while they wait.

Oh! I can’t see that still being true with the flu going around. :ick:

I have them all! From sizes 0000-35!
I used them for years until the Dawn of the Interchangeable Circs!

They were faithful knitting companions for many years, so I have them wrapped in Straight Knitting Needle cases, and they have an ‘honorary’ resting place on my wicker yarn chest.

At the moment, the size 11’s are loaned out to my daughter, Maureen.
But only on loan! :teehee:

I’m very tempted to get the whole set of 10" Harmony straights. I love binding off with them! I own one set of 10" Harmony straights, the size 8…and I love them. Use them to bind off on long straight-a-ways! The little 10" straights are a pleasure to use!