What do you do with old unused yarn?

Have a few skeins (sp?) of yarn from my first attempt to learn to knit 9 years ago, not sure what I was thinking when I bought them, heavy wool (Soho bulky tweed, it’s called) … am remembering that there was a blanket or something in mind??? Must’ve been. Couldn’t do more than cast on and knit at the time. Have three of them left. And the thing is I don’t like them particularly, can’t imagine anything to make with them. Dark colors, brown and green. Am not into dark colors. Must’ve been in a dark mood picking them out.

Can’t think of anything to do with them now. Can’t find them on eBay to resell them. So what would you do with them?

I know the Papa’s Quilt project is asking for any 8" squares in green.

There are also some places that seek yarn donations. Warm Woolies is just one of several. I know there is also one that accepts yarn for a woman’s shelter and they teach the women there to knit… but I don’t have the URL for that, maybe someone else has it.

You might call local nursing homes and see if they have a use for it.

Just a few ideas.

Mama Bear

I work at school, so my first thought was that you could take the yarn to your nearest elementary school and give it to the art teacher. Budgets are so tight that they are always happy to have donated craft materials and believe me, it will get used in some way.

Another way for it to be used is to give it to a local nursing home for the residents there to knit with or the therapists there to use in their craft activities with the residents.

You could also knit squares with it and make a blanket for Warm Up America.

Thanks for those suggestions, have a lot of stuff to give to the local elementary school and would never have thought of it (we’re moving so we’re cleaning stuff out like crazy) … and the wool goes to Warm Woolies. Wow, what a great link.

The whole knitting-for-charity thing is new to me (being a new knitter) so it’s wonderful to learn about.


Check with the teachers first. I thought that since I work in a school and my grandkids go to an elementary school, that I’d have an outlet for my yarn. They didn’t have the storage, so they didn’t want it.

There are some preemie projects here in the Knit Along section, too, if you wanted to make some preemie things.

My father is in a nursing home. I should check with them, too. It never occurred to me. :doh:

I’ve been taking the random leftover yarn and make sweaters for children’s charities.

They will love it, hehe. Just watch your chenilles if you have any to donate. Someone donated loads of it to the nursing home I work at, and the knitting residents were not very excited about it :lol:

:shock: Warm Woolies is located in Denver?! Damn! I live in the area! :roflhard:
And if they accept me at SDSU, I’m going to be living close to the Pine Ridge reservation, which is one of the recipients of their work.
Must learn to work with wool… :thinking:

When I have a yarn I am not fond of, I make something smallish with it and give it away to someone in need (gloves, Scarves, Hats, Balls, Goddesses)

I have a bag of Gloves I made in the car
I give them to neighbors, Patients in Nursing homes, My Real Estate Agent and his Girlfriend (actually I special ordered her yarn in a special color for the Girlfriend {and no I was not hitting on her} She saw me knitting them and commented that it was her FAVORITE color)


I used some of my leftovers for christmas ornaments. I made some tiny mittens for my tree.

This is the website I got it from…


Hope that helps some. :smiley:

I have crochet or knit afghans for charity with old yarn.

I knit premature baby hats and booties for charity with my leftover yarn for “Threads of Love”.