What do You Do When You're Sick of a Project?

I started the Mason Dixon mitered square blanket and frankly I just don’t have any interest in it. Have about 17 squares done (about 1/4 of what I intended to do) and I think I just want to get rid of it, but frogging doesn’t seem an option, all the little lengths of yarn wouldn’t be good for much. Any ideas?

Maybe you could use the squares you have for something smaller. Like a bag. This one uses 17 squares. If they are larger than these you can adapt them for some kind of bag maybe.

Otherwise just keep them and maybe someday you’ll decided you want to continue. Or toss them. :teehee: I’d probably go for the bag.

I was there recently. I started this Lumberjack Flannelghan back in the fall for my Dad’s birthday. I was SO excited about it when I started it. Fast forward - it quickly got VERY boring. It’s a crochet pattern I decided to knit - in stockinette no less. There are seven strips with 7 blocks of color, so lots of ends to weave in and those strips curled like crazy. Plus it’s double strand on size 11’s with worsted weight. I quickly found I really didn’t enjoy this project and kept starting others that were much more fun. I kept telling myself I would pick the afghan up in between and work on it a little bit - I didn’t. My Dad’s birthday was Jan 5. I didn’t pick up the afghan again until Dec 30 I think. I had three strips done which still left me four strips, then sewing them together and the border. For this particular project I made myself complete it. (BTW it did turn out wonderful - but I won’t be doing another one.)

Other projects I’ve started and got bored with, I’ve discarded. For the most part I want to enjoy my knitting. It’s my therapy and wind down time. So it really depends on the project for me. If you’re only 1/4 of the way through it and you hate working on it, I’d try using those squares for a smaller project like Jan said or toss them and move on to something that excites you!

Put it down. Stuff it in a drawer. Cry softly. Find it in 3 years and go, “OMG, I totally forgot about you.” Finish it and love it.

I’m with Trvvn on this one, as I’ve done it with more than one project… and explains why it’s taken me nearly 3 years to complete the throw from y living room sofa… garter stitch is easy, but boring as all get out.

I have a box for my unfinished projects. They remain out of site for long periods of time. I go in the box from time to time and look. For instance, recently I found a half completed “Fetching”, I was not as experienced when I started it and now I am crazy for armwarmers again! And sometimes I need a project for a plane or car ride. I make myself look in the box because those projects are already started and I am forced to work on them. Also, just looking on Ravelry at certain projects motivates me to get back to them. If I think I will like the finished project, I usually get remotivated at a different time in the future.

Unless you do this professionally, this is supposed to be fun. Put it down and start something else. I started a sweater over a year ago, got sick of it or wanted to work on something else. In December it regained its charm and I’m working on it again.

Thanks all, I like the idea to use it for a bag, maybe a really big for knitting/messenger bag-like.

I’m a little OCD’ish, especially when it comes to work I start, I feel like a total loser for giving up on things :]…so having it in a drawer for years won’t work for me. It’ll just be like a little demon on my shoulder saying “[COLOR=“Red”][I][B]gee aren’t YOU a loser! Coun’t hack it eh?!?[/B][/I][/COLOR]” LOL!!!:shock:

I normally find a way to turn into something else, that I can finish faster

Although I wouldn’t wait 3 years.

Don’t forget to put the pattern and notes (needle size, yarn, etc) with it. Because if it does end up being 3 years you won’t remember where the pattern went, what needles or yarn you used.

Yes I second, finding something that you could make with what you have knitted already. :cheering:
The few projects that I have been “given” I usually take apart and re-make into something else.:rofl:

Dig in, and keep working on it! It’s always a WIP, never a UFO!

Been there done that – my attitude is that the act of knitting is therapy. Just handling the wool is calming. When I was disillusioned with the 250 sts 200 grams done afghan, I put it aside until I wanted a mindless task. Then I used the frog stitch to finish it. Rip-it rip-it. LOL The job of unraveling, washing and re-balling in itself is rewarding. If the project is lots of squares, make a crib blanket and give it to the thrift store. Knit baby booties with short bits. There’s always a charity that needs them. In other words – make lemonade. Don’t sweat it.