What do you do when your hating a new project?

Well! I bought this yarn on Martha’s Vineyard thispast summer and it’s completely natural sheepy wool, that beige color and not real soft. At the time I thought it would make a great sweater so I finally started a cardigan with it. I’m about 5 inches in, bottom done and so forth and

I’M HATING IT! It’s not soft. The stitches seem too big for the yarn although I’m using size 9 needles. I mean it’s not tight enough. And will it soften up if I wash it or what! I think I’m about to rip it. I mean, should I continue a whole sweater if I think I won’t like to wear it. duh

If you don’t like it, don’t make it. I’ve had that happen–I was unimpressed with the yarn for the pattern, so I tried something else. :shrug:

I agree - if you don’t like it don’t do it! I have things I’ve knit and hated the yarn/pattern/process and I’ve never used that item again - it is such a waste! It is really hard to give up on something but knitting is supposed to be enjoyable! Good luck!

Did you try washing your swatch to see whether it would soften up? Believe it or not, hair conditioner is supposed to help, so you might want to give it a try if your regular wool wash doesn’t soften it enough.

Of course, there’s always ebay. :wink: Maybe someone else likes that type of wool.

If I don’t like it, I frog it. Life is too short to spend time knitting things that are no fun! :smiley:

I frog it, too! It’s very liberating! :happydance:

Frog and start over… just did that for a project of mine…

I would take it apart and never look at it again until I could think of something better for that yarn.

:muah: THANKS. I guess I needed that alright. I’m thinking it might make an ok vest but not a sweater. Oh and I’ve never done that yet, wash a swatch. I always rip the swatch back out. That’s a good idea with this stuff esp. Hair conditioner huh. How interesting.

Thanks again ya’ll…

AMEN!!! Maybe you can make something felted with it. Make a swatch and try felting it.

Nadja xxx

Put the yarn in a pot on the stove and dye it with Kool-Aid! THAT would make the project more fun. :slight_smile:

Oh my god! What a great idea! I have never ever dyed any yarn yet and have been wanting to… for some reason I thought this yarn was meant to be “natural” but now that you mention it, it’s kind of boring. HA THANKS SHANDEH! (I’ll let you know if I go through with it, I’m a little intimidated about dying, but I’ll read about it more first)

You’ll LOVE it!

Here are some guides on dyeing with Kool Aid:

You can also dye with food coloring:

Or with PAAS Easter Egg Dye:

Have fun!

Sandy! You’re so sweet to list those for me! I’m flat on my back in bed with a sprained back, I really appreciate it! I have some Kool Aid from last summer I bought but was afraid to go ahead and do it, I’ll check those sites out right now. :hug:

You’re very welcome!

I’m SO sorry about your back! I’ll say a prayer for you, my friend.
:heart: :hug: :heart:



Sometimes, the ‘issue’ is not the pattern. It is may be the yarn choice for that pattern. Or vice versa.

So, “un-marry” them immediatley!

Use the pattern with a different yarn if your heart :heart: is set on that pattern. Then…
use the original yarn for another project later on.

BETTER YET: donate the yarn to folks that knit blankets, hats and gloves for the homeless. Or, do the knitting yourself and donate the items to your local women’s shelter. There is a women’s shelter in almost every city in America! A handknit item is a welcomed “warm & fuzzy”!