What do you do when you can't do anything?

What do you do when you can’t do anything? I have an annoying house guest who constantly talks when I am working on a pattern. I end up dropping stitches, working stitches wrong, knitting with the wrong color…
I’m now working on a scrap blanket (2 strands held together on #11 needles and just tie on a new color when one runs out) which will likely go to my cat or an animal shelter.
I love knitting. Its my happy place. However, right now I really just feel like crawling under my bed and crying.

I need to be able to knit things I like.

I need help.

Woonsocket, RI

How long will your houseguest be there?

I don’t know. He said “a couple weeks” but I am not sure how long that means. To me “a couple” should be 2 maybe 3…could me a month or more in his mind. :frowning:

I need my knitting! lol

Well, I would tend to do something easy. Something I can carry on a conversation while doing. Like hats with stash yarn for charity. I go to my LYS twice a week and there are certain things I can’t do while we are chatting.

If all else fails tell them you need to take a nap and go in your room and close the door. A few hours of relaxing knitting will be as good as a nap.


If I tried to knit in my bedroom it wouldnt work out. I did start a cat snuggle (round bed) that should be fairly mindless. Wish me luck!

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You can’t go in your room? Bummer. Good luck!

I second what Jan says about doing a knitting project that you can do and carry on a conversation at the same time. I have gone to the local knitting circle in my area, and have knitted a lot of dishcloths while talking to the other people there. Have you ever knitted dishcloths?

Give your house-guest a definite “you need to be gone by X date” and in the meantime carry on with your scrap blanket! Sounds like the type to take advantage if you let them (ask me how I know…). Good luck.


Is this really a houseguest or a freeloader? Usually a guest is someone I want to spend time with and will understand if I need quiet time. A freeloader is a different critter altogether.


freeloader :frowning: No idea when he will be leaving…hopefully soon.

Been there, done that. A week turned into 5 months. During that time, my grocery bill doubled, my electric bill tripled, and she reprogrammed my DVR. What finally got rid of her was I gave her the ultimatum of “find another place by X date or I will start charging for room and board.”

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He’ll leave when you tell him to! Not sure how ‘ballsy’ you are, but sometimes I’m afraid you do need to (wo)man up (said in a friendly-but-firm manner!) otherwise you’ll end up in the same situation as Metylda and me :frowning:

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Change your locks and put the “guest’s” things outside?

Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished.

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Now that I know it’s a freeloader it seems going in the other room is not a bad thing. Unless of course you need to keep an eye on them. Yikes.

Our neighbors had the same situation come up. They politely but firmly told the couple who were “visiting” that it was time to go. I agree wholeheartedly with Evie.
Your kindness and hospitality are being taken advantage of by someone who doesn’t understand or doesn’t care.

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You could maybe give them a mixed tape/c.d. of music and some headphones. Put a pair of ear buds in your own ears and if they think you can’t hear them, they might give you enough peace and quiet to work on your knitting project. I hope your “guest” leaves soon. Good luck to you and your sanity.