What do you do for a living?

Do you like your job? What would be your dream job?

I have 3 jobs right now. They’re all on-call positions. I’m a Nursing Assistant at a Nursing Home and I love it! I am also a Behavioral Specialist (fancy name for a “babysitter”) for a group home that houses TBI residents. I don’t really care for that job, it’s kind of boring and not challenging. Then I just got a job as a Home Health Aide and I haven’t worked there yet. Starting August 27th, I’ll be a full time college student again in my last year in Dental Hygiene school. Oh…I have 3 kids and a hubby too (full time job!)

My dream job would be working with the elderly somehow. I love my job now, but it’s too hard on my body. I’d also love to be a travleing Hygienist, working in nursing homes and in the homes of the elderly, providing education in dental hygiene and also cleaning their teeth.

Trucker for the past 11 years. My primary degree is in electronics and I spent 13 years in the engineering industry (telecommunications) as an engineer, technical trainer, and in management, as well as two years as a high school teacher, and I enjoy the trucking far more than anything else. I pretty much do what I want, when I want, and get paid to ride around and look at the scenery. Nothing better than being a paid tourist.

Beats getting a job.

I was a home daycare provider but we moved recently. Hopefully, I’ll be getting back into it within the next few months. Right now all I do is knit and homeschool.

I quit working (outside the home…lol) when I was pregnant with my daughter. Though it’s been tough as can be, financially, I decided long ago I would stay home with my kids, whenever I had them, probably because my mom stayed home with us kids when we were little…So, my main “job” is mommy…lol…However, hubby and I started an at home business doing photo restoration and manipulation but it hasn’t proved to be a source of income (well, with the exception of my only customer, my dad…hahaha…who wanted me to restore and old wedding photo of my mom…I tried to refuse payment but he and my mom forced me to take it…lol)…Other than that, I’ve knit some things that people have bought, but, that didn’t last long either :frowning: I recently completed an at home creative writing course and have a creative writing diploma, and I am currently taking an at home photography class in hopes of not only fine tuning my photography skills, but, also possibly having photography be an extra source of income. I also do a ton of web graphics and web sites, but, those are mainly just hobbies…Basically I try to occupy myself with my hobbies (when the kids allow it…hahaha) and hope, one day, they will prove fruitful…I don’t think I could ever go back to a job job unless absolutely necessary…

I’m a Speech Pathologist (Speech and Language Therapist). I like my job because it’s really rewarding to have such a positive impact on so many children’s lives. Another aspect I like is the ‘portability’ of the job - we are very much an ‘in demand’ profession and I have just got a job in Ireland! That means shortly I’ll be packing up and moving overseas for a couple of years. I’ve always wanted to work and travel.

My dream job though would be to run a dive travel agency where I would get to go on several (many:roflhard:) diving holidays a year to check out the resorts and diving so I could recommend them to my customers. I love organising holidays and I love diving so this would be perfect! If I was creative enough (and good enough!) I’d love to be a professional underwater photographer.

My long term goal though is a volunteer (or semi-volunteer) speech pathology position on a tropical island so I can work during the day and dive after work and on weekends:lol:


I’ve been a meat packer, shoe store assistant, sandwich maker,
office clerk, typist, receptionist, security guard, crowd controller, I.T. administrator… and now home-maker. I’m sure I missed a few.

My dream job would have to be the owner of a yummy yarn store.


I dont work due to health problems,i am a stay at home mum instead.

I’m a medical transcriptionist and editor. It’s okay - sometimes a little boring.

I am a stay at home mom and have been for just over 5 years now. I intend to stay here with the kids until the youngest (18 months) is in school all day and hopefully I will know what I will do then! Before I was a SAHM I was a receptionist for a temp agency for just a few months. But before that I was a assistant facilities cooridinator for a IT company. That was a job I loved, I started there as a receptionist for the building with all the techies in it, then the Facilities Manager asked me if I wanted to work with her and get a hefty pay raise! I jumped at it and stayed there for a year until they laid off both of us along with half the company.

I no longer work and am a lady of leisure! :lol: I was a stay at home for 18 years until both my kids were out of high school. My husband was career Navy and they needed someone at home, I thought. Financially, it was horrible, but the kids had a stable life that way, at least. I went to college for the first time at 38 years old, did 2 years of my therapy degree, found out I would really need to continue through my doctorate to do what I wanted and decided :shrug: So, I worked with the developmentally disabled for several years, got burned out, worked as a file manager for a law firm for 7 years and really liked that. When we moved, I did a 1 year stint in an office and though I liked it, I hated the office manager and quit a week before she got fired! (I always was a day late! :lol:) So, I now stay at home with my pets and knit and enjoy my old age years. My husband has an excellent paying job, enough so he can take me to Vegas every year so I am happy. It leaves me time to enjoy my grandbabies!

I work for the Feds. I’m a biologist, and I work at the Patent Office. my focus is in a fancy sounding field: bioinformatics. Basically wherever biology or chemstry and computers/ information tech cross.

I used to work at the bench doing “real” science. I’ve also done my share of burger flipping, clothes- selling, babysitting etc.

Dream job- where they pay me and give me generous health benefits and I don’t have to do any work- isn’t that from Dilbert? LOL- really, I like my job very much. Lots of reading and legal bits, but well compensated and with gov’t benefits. and they let me work 75% time.

I’m an Assistant Editor for a publishing company. I like it, though it’s not the kind of publishing I really would like to do.

Dream job would be to work on a poetry journal or for a literary fiction publisher, or to quit and open up a book store. (Normally, I’d pick NYC/Boston/San Fran for the location, but I was just on vacation in the Outer Banks, and that’s sounding mighty tempting right now, too. :teehee:)

I’m currently working part-time as a computer technician in a private business.

When I first got married, I worked at Auburn University’s library (so cool to be on campus). Then we moved when dh finished his degree. I worked for a government agency and worked my way up from word processor to computer help desk technician.

Then I got to do my dream job – SAHM. I did that for eight years and volunteered at the kids’ school a ton. This was my favorite time!

I went back to work part-time to help offset some of the tremendous expenses associated with my daughter’s soccer training and travel. I worked at a law enforcement agency as a records clerk – totally mundane work…spent hours and hours at the copier machine and acquired tons and tons of paper cuts – my LEAST favorite job.

I’ve also worked at a preschool (this was o-k-a-y). The last three years, I’ve worked at a school as their computer technician. I just got my current job as a summer job, but I may stay on permanently. They seem to like me, and I really like them, and the pay is almost double as what I make at the school.

Ultimately, my choice in jobs has always boiled down to my having a flexible schedule for my kids. I always want to be home with them in the afternoon, when they get home from school. I also need to be able to travel on Fridays to get to soccer tournaments.

I’m taking college classes and plan on getting my teacher’s certification. I’m hoping to graduate in March and be teaching by next fall.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so once I do that, I really will have fulfilled my dream.

M-F I’m a SAHM, Sat & Sun I’m a part time cashier at Michaels.

I’m a [B]housewife[/B] primarily, which IS a job. But I don’t get “paid” for that one, so I have to do other things to earn my spending money.

I’ve been a freelance [B]graphic artist[/B] for over 10 years and am also the artist for a little business card and stationary design company. I do the art and my business partner does the selling which is great because he doesn’t know squat about graphics and I hate face to face selling. I also do websites, company logos, digital art and the like. It’s mostly small beans kinda stuff, but I have a few good ones under my belt including work for Coca-Cola Co.

And I’m also a [B]knitting teacher [/B]at my local Joann’s Superstore. I work for a couple hours on the weekend, plus all the stuff I “have” to knit for class. It’s pretty close to my dream job. It would be perfect if every class was filled to max. But even just one student is worth my time. I LOVE teaching knitting.

I am a physical therapist and certified orthotist (I make braces for kids with scoliosis, spinal cord inj., CP etc). I do enjoy work, just not the insurance companies and beaurocrocy (sp?) of it all.

My dream job is to be a SAHM working per diem as a PT to support my yarn and travel habits. I get bored easily so could also be talked into teaching a knitting class or working at Joann’s.

I’m a research technician in a lab that studies alcoholic liver damage, wound healing, and diabetic complications. It’s a great job for a science geek, but there is a TON of down time, which isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds. I’ve done a little graduate work, but I’m not sure if I want to dive headfirst into the alligator-infested murky swap that is a Ph.D. program!

My dream job would be to knit for the Harry Potter movies!

For the past 14+ years I’ve been a special education teacher at the junior high/middle school level. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I love that age group. :happydance:

I am the manager for Residential Lending for a bank in NY. I love my job. I work with the nicest people and for a great company.

I have been doing this for a really long time. There is so much gratification in helping someone get into their first home. When I got my first job in this business it was through a temp agency and I did not even know what a mortgage was. Now, 28 years later (I was 12 when I first started!!!) I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Since 2000 Ive been a SAHM with occasional forays into the work world with DH.

I used to work with the papers as bookkeeper, but I sucked at it. I hate math, and I had to go to work when the office was closed, so it was lonely and boring.

This fall if my youngest starts PreK, it will be the first time in 7 years I havent had any children in my house during the day…and Im thinking about getting a job with DHs company.

Funny…now that we face the prospect of ME going to work, DH asked me the other day…
“Can I quit and stay at home while YOU work?”

I looked at him and sais “HELL NO. Cause While YOU worked these past 7 years, Ive been raising 3 KIDS. You cant just step in when they all go off to school. Thats not fair. For it to be equal to what I did, we have to have 2 more in 2 years so you can do diapers, feedings, potty trainings, and everything else I did in those 7 years.”

He shut up REALLY fast. And learned REALLY quick that I do NOT appreciate the idea that the past 7 years have been a vacation from the workplace for me.