What do you do first

I confess I am a yarnaholic, end up buying it on a whim and then it tends to sit around a long time and I discover I don’t have enough of a certain kind etc…
anyway just wondering how others go about purchasing their yarn
do you buy a pattern first and then the yarn? decide what you are going to make then the yarn or like me just buy yarn and try to figure it out, i really need a new method, there are so many nice yarns out there. I guess I am just afraid to veer off what the pattern calls for

i do the same sort of thing – i’ll buy a skein of this, a skein of that to add to my stash, just cause i like the color, the feel, etc. but when i find a pattern i like, i’ll usually head out on a separate mission, buying several of one color and weight for that particular project. so i have lots (and lots) of single skeins. and eventually i use those on one-skein projects like soakers, socks, hats, belts, etc.

My yarn buying habits have lead me to having enough yarn in my Stash to start a small shop…but…

When I buy yarn with no particular pattern in mind to dictate HOW MANY YARDS ARE NEEDED… I tend to over-buy…so that I will for sure have enough yardage at some later date. MISTAKE!

I have been known to purchase 1600 yards of a yarn that I regret…and some that I am still ECSTATIC that I jumped on!

So, you see, I am of no help to you whatsoever.

I can, however, give you one good steer: Keep a journal of the yarn you have in your stash, make notes about it’s gauge, etc…and make a note of the pattern you have in mind for it. Try to pair up the yarn with a pattern.

Try NOT to let your Stash become larger than a room in your house. :teehee:

Try NOT to let your Stash become larger than a room in your house. Giggling

Good plan!!!

I usually restrain myself and when I see a yarn I like/want, think about what to make from it, then buy what I think is enough for it. Or have a project in mind and go searching for the yarn. Or reuse stuff…

Last summer I picked up several skeins of Jewel Box at $2 each in different colors mostly cause I liked the colors and had a couple ideas in mind. One color I made a scarf with, that I decided was stretching too much and getting weird, so while looking at scarf style last week, found another pattern I thought would work and knit it up. Since I only used one skein, I’m making mittens with the other. I started something with another color, but stalled out on, and haven’t done anything with the 3rd color, which I only have one skein of. I have a pair of slipper sox in mind for that one though, just haven’t started on it.


I’ll be the first to admit I’m a total spendthrift when it comes to yarn. I will buy it just for the “rush” of buying $7 skeins of yarn on sale for .99 (even if the colors are heinous and the yarn has the texture of a Brillo pad). I will buy it because it’s pretty (even if it’s impractical). Or, I’ll buy one hank of some tremendously expensive yarn that only comes 60 yards per hank just because I want to own a “luxury” yarn. I have learned, over the years of knitting and crocheting, to limit my purchases of novelty yarns, mainly because they’re a booger to work with. Or, to err on the side of caution, I’ll buy four more skeins than a pattern calls for.

So, to try and free myself from this financially crippling addiction, I’m going to knit as many projects from my stash as I possibly can.

I always buy yarn with a project in mind. I usually buy 1 skein more, but most of the time I use that as well, because I alway have to extend the arm-length and I’m a rather tight knitter. As a result of that, I don’t have that mucht stash. Some sock yarn and that’s it. The rest of the yarn is always used for a project. (mostly sweaters)

thank you for the truly helpful replies, keeping a knitting journal of what I have on hand is a good idea, and I think getting the pattern from now on first before I go crazy with the wool might help too.
The worst has been when I get so mad at myself and give the wool away or throw it out convinced I wil never use it only to want it a month later, this only happens when I can no longer shut the door on the closet holding the wool, or I can’t find the cat lol
Thanks again I will do my best to tame the craziness

Try NOT to let your Stash become larger than a room in your house.

hmm do two rooms close together count :shrug: :teehee: :eyebrow: :roflhard:

That is exactly what I do! And then my mom yells at me for it (“Why did I buy you all that yarn for Christmas if you’re not going to use it!”, and other stuff like that… :yadda: ) Eventually, I’ll get around to using all my yarn up though (I hope. :wink: )

I buy with a project in mind, however, I also constantly buy skeins of two of anything I like because I love giving away scarves and it lets me knit with something yummy while not spending a fortune (which I already do with yarn).