What do you carry your projects in?

I put my n0ob “project” in a canvas bag yesterday to take to school but my knitting needle jabbed a hole in the bag…I’m taking my knitting with me when I fly to Denver tomorrow in my carry-on (mini suitcase) but I was wondering what is a good way to easily carry projects around?

You must be using straight needles? I’ve never had a needle poke through a bag and I use circs almost exclusively.

Anyway, I use large plastic, zip top bag with handles that I got at my LYS. It’s big enough to hold my needles, my bag of accessories, a smallish project, several patterns, extra yarn… :lol:

When I fly I don’t carry all that. Just my kindergarten scissors, yarn and project and a few extras if needed for the project and I carry them in a Ziploc in my carry on bag. Anything else like extra yarn, needles, etc goes in my checked bag.

If I was traveling by car I’d just carry my big bag of knitting like I always do.

I don’t really have a problem taking my work anywhere.I don’t even put it in a bag most of the time.If I do, it’s my purse which is pretty spacious due to the only definite objects in there being in their own designated slots. My work only has to share space with the clutch/wallet.

For circs, I just wrap one end around the other a few times to “tie” it into a closed circle so nothing falls off.This is pretty quick, a few seconds.The work gets folded neatly into a little package and pinned into that shape with a giant u shaped cable needle and the ball of yarn just gets wound close to the work so it doesn’t catch on everything in my car or purse.For DPNs I just fold the 4 needles flat, push the work towards the center of them all, wind yarn around the work right under the needles and pin the work into a package with the 5th needle.

I used to use whatever carrying thing was handy, but for Christmas my sister gave me this HORRID metallic mauve purse. I can’t stand to use it as a purse, but it works wonderfully for my knitting! Somehow in my mind it works better for me that way even though it is ugly. At least I am using it, because I couldn’t even bear to re-gift it as it is that bad. :thumbsup:

Straight needles yeah, and wooden at that…

depending on the size of the project I use plastic coffee containers or my canvas tote bag. I always put stoppers on the ends of my needles when I take it out of the house, to prevent any stabbage.

I’m with Jan. Love the gallon size bags with the sliding closure. Keeps my projects clean, is small enough to carry around & I can see what is in there.

I’ve had and made all sorts of pretty bags. ones on stands, ones that folded flat & popped up, beautifully quilted ones and plain jane ones. But mostly I just use a plastic sack. I can scrunch it into my purse easily and keep all the stuff together.

Beautiful puppy! N0obKnitter

Thanks, his name is Juneau and he is a “puppy” of 10 lol. Doh! Why didn’t I think to find some covers for the pointy ends of my needles?! I’ll try to make a mental note to locate some in Denver!

I haven’t seen any tip protectors in the notions section in ages. I just snapped to that fact. I haven’t needed any so I haven’t been looking, but it must have occurred to my subconscious. I know that you can get them online, it just seems a shame to pay shipping on something like that unless you have something else to order. And trust me, I can always find something more to order. My ears are ringing from the “MORE YARN!” discussion after dinner last night. :wink:

I have several bags I used depending on where I’m going and what the project is. My favorite one is a felted bag I made and lined. Will have to take a pic of it and share … after S&B this morning. :slight_smile:

The only projects that I tote around with me are small ones (ie socks) so, my favorite bag of all time is the daisy bag, the clear ones they have on knit picks…I can throw it in my backpack, or carry it on its own! I can see through it, and I have a separate little pack with all of my notions. A little snipper, tapestry needles, stitch markers, cable needles, a set of DPNs in the most common size I use for socks (even though I have successfully converted to Magic Loop) etc…

I have a great cloth bag I got from the Animal Rescue Site. It’s got paw prints all over it. It’s big enough to carry my project and my lunch in when I go to work plus a bottle of pop or water. My purse is heavy enough, I wouldn’t want anything heavier. I haven’t had a problem with circs poking through it but straights are another story. I lost a really cute basset rescue bag that way.

If you can’t find them, or need a quicker fix; look around the house/office. Styrofoam packing, pencil erasers, little rubber balls…be creative:cool:

Welcome! :cool: Cool, flying to Denver - my home - but right now we do not have any more snow than Vancover…

As a humble beginner, I wanted to start small (& cheap). Found a great catch-all bag! I didn’t see anyone mention this…

Sprouts Market (similar to [U]Whole Foods[/U]) has strong fabric grocery bags for $1.00. I bought a PINK one. Stands up on it’s own (not floppy as w/ canvas bag). Tough material ([B]nylon[/B] but stiff material). Love the flat bottom. I sewed velcro by the straps to close it.

It’s large, indestructible, and I love that it stands open & has a large flat bottom! Stores lots of yarn, too.

Love reading this thread. Great ideas for when I graduate to a [I][COLOR=“Magenta”]grownup [/COLOR][/I]knitting bag!:knitting:


I bought a yellow book bag from Barnes and Noblethis summer and that’s what I’ve been toting my knitting around in. I bought two sock books – thinking that for all the times I go there to look at books, I ought to buy one now and then so they keep stocking them – just so I could get it! :slight_smile:

I also have two of Silver’s “On the Town” knitting bagsattached to the handle; one that I keep my notions for the blanket and the other has a small project. I usually use them exclusively for my projects, but my current blanket is a knitted blanket using yarn from an old crocheted one, so I need the bigger tote. (That is, the crocheted blanket is in the bag and I’m frogging it as I need the yarn.)

I have a smaller knit cable bag that I bought from the Yankee Candle Store – just big enough to hold the two pouches and a knit guide – but I’ve had to put it away while I work on this blanket.

I’m a bit of a tote junkie :blush: and knitting just gives me an excuse to keep buying more! :teehee:

I have lots of different sized totebags that i use to carry projects. For socks or other small projects, absolutely love the plastic bags with zippers that pillow cases or such come in. They also come in larger sizes–as for curtains and comforters–and those I use to store yarn. Can see whatis in them and the yarn stays clean. linknit41

I use a bag I knit myself. When putting needles in, I make sure they’re all pointing up (when they’re straight needles). I don’t mind others seeing needle tips coming out from it.

depends on the project. socks go in my purse (bought a big purse), mostly i use those 1-2 gallon size ziplocks and put them in my laptop backpack… otherwise i have one of those beach totes that barnes and noble was selling and i have it in there (the bottom is coated with some plastic type stuff around the bottom)