What do to with all this Wool-Ease?

Last night, my dh brought me home a huge bag from Goodwill and it was filled with yarn and needles. OMG, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The needles were mostly aluminum 14" straights (which I hardly ever use), but there were 3 circular needles - a 32" #8, a 29" #6 and a 29" #5. One looks like a Boye and I have no idea what the other 2 are, but they seem ok. The yarn was mainly Wool-Ease - 12 skeins of a pretty blue color, 5 skeins of gray and 4 skeins of white and some partial skeins of red and a pretty pink-ish color. When he told me how much he paid, I almost fell off my chair…with his discount the total was $6.52. He said “Is that good?”. LOL!!! So now I’m thinking what on earth am I going to make with all this blue yarn? Any ideas?

A blanket? You could make some small ones and donate them to Warm Up America. They need 7 x 9 rectangles. That would still give you enough to do something for you.

What a lucky buy, and how thoughtful of your DH!


Wool Ease is such a good brand to hold up to wear and washing. I made some socks for my dad and he washes them with all of his regular socks with no problems.

I say make some funky winter clothing and donate it to your local shelter or church. You can make them in all different sizes for kids and adults in need.

Definitely post a picture if you can of your new stash!

Wool Ease isn’t a bad yarn at all. You could do pretty much anything with it. For that price, you could line the trees for the birds with it!

Great minds think alike, Suzie!

All I’ve got to say is, you lucky dawg, you! :thumbsup:

I used WoolEase for all of my double-knit hats. DH LOVES his…it washes up soft and is WARM WARM WARM, especially DKed!

Thanks for the ideas. I started a pair of mittens for one of my kids this weekend, using the blue wool-ease and I think I’m going to make some hats and mittens and donate them to the elementary school where my oldest son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I’ve heard that they are always in need of hats and mittens, plus they’re easy to make.

I’ll try to post a pic of the whole stash…I’ve been really busy with the holiday (we took the kids to a lake nearby for the long weekend) and I’m really kicking myself for not taking the entire week off from work, because there’s so much around the house I need to do…

OMGoodness, last year I did all of my Christmas knitting with woolease and everyone LOVED their gifts…from your basic scarves to afghans (I had been knitting since June) and they r putting in requests already…especially the guys for hats bc they wash so easily & as KK said…are very warm…altho, I can’t DK, as of yet…so hers are way warmer!! Woolease is a fine yarn…sounds like u will be busy, busy!!

I got a bunch of woolease from tuesdaymorning and would like to sue it to make some nice scarf and hats for my dad and dh. Can you share which pattern you used?


The Irish Hiking Scarf is still my favorite for men:


Cables look so beautiful and hard to do when they’re actually quite easy. It will impress anyone who sees your final project!

I am using wool-ease along with bernat soft boucle for my afghan from hell…(which by the way is now coming along nicely now that I have put in lifelines every ten inches and gotten rid of the dreaded purple looking woolease). It is very nice soft and I chose it because you can wash it.

You can always do a basic rib scarf and double or triple your thread to make it quicker and thicker. Also the lionbrand site has some great patterns for hats and scarves.

Well, I have made one mitten. :shock: It’s mate is lost in one of my knitting bags somewhere in the bedroom. I do plan on finishing it at some point, but I’m working on a bag that needs to be done before this weekend. That pattern and the one for the hats I plan on making, came from the “Knitters’ Handy Book of Patterns”. For me, that is the ultimate pattern book. It has the basic recipes, but leaves lots of room for customizing, too.

Oh, and Suziehomemaker, that scarf will be perfect when I make that scarf for my dh that I was going to do last winter. It’s kind of slipped to the back of the pile, but since I have the yarn (gray plymouth encore), I just may attempt that in the near future. Thanks!!

No problem! I liked knitting it and I may do another one this year for someone else. The pattern starts to click with you after a few sets and you’ll barely need to look to see what to do next.


The Irish scarf pattern is fabulous. Thanks for the link. I think I’ll definitely do one - though I am not sure if my dh will use it. :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest either the Irish Hiking Scarf or this http://www.planetshoup.com/easy/knit/scarfmb.shtml Moebius Scarf.

I’m making the Moebius Scarf with Wool Ease now, and it seems to be working well. :smiley:

Keshe - That link didn’t work for me. Do you have to register with the site to view it?

Sorry! I pasted the wrong URL. I fixed it, so it should work now. :slight_smile: