What do pattern instructions mean

My first post here!

I am knitting a baby blanket following instructions posted on the Bernat Yarn site – Bernat Baby Blanket Corner to Corner Seed Stitch blanket (thank you for looking at the site!)

You cast on 2 stitches and keep working so that the blanket gets wider every other row. The pattern reads “repeat 7th to 10th rows until work measured along straight side edge measures approx 35 inches”.

Does this mean from the point where I cast on to the needles? the length of the stitches along the needle? from the needles to the point? Or some other measurement?

Thanks for your help. Sorry this is so long.

Hi, welcome to KH. Measure from your cast on up to the needle, you’ll be measuring one side of the triangle you have going. With a baby blanket a few rows more or less won’t matter much so don’t stress about it, OK? Enjoy knitting a lovely blanket. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Knitting Help! That’s an adorable baby blanket and I do admire you for making it in seed stitch. It creates a lovely knit fabric.
Just to be clear, one edge is from the point at the cast on to the tip of your needle rather than from the point straight up to say, the middle of the needle.