What do parenthesis mean in a pattern

i have been knitting for a while but am just starting trying to read patterns. i have some sugar 'n cream and just want to make a dishclothe. should be a piece of cake but i’m stuck.
what does it mean: K2. yo. K4. (K2tog.) twice.
i don’t understand what the parenthesis indicates. i get everything else.
grateful for any help

Welcome to KH and reading knitting. Whatever is inside the parentheses is to be done the number of times indicated. Yours is (K2tog.) twice, so you K2tog., K2tog. Which pattern are you doing? Can you link to it?

thanks granny
i’m using the destructions on the inside of the paper wrapped around the yarn. i found a video that seemed to have a very reasonable tutorial on making a washcloth.
i learned the basics of knitting and crocheting by watching my mother.
i am really sick of making scarves.

Hi and welcome! Yes, time to move on from scarves to something else. Washcloths are nice, small self-contained projects and you can try out all kinds of new stitch patterns. What else would you like to make? We’re all ready to help you with whatever pattern you’d like to go on to next.