What do I want for Christmas?

My dd :heart: asked me that the other day, and I’ve been thinking about a ball winder. Do you really need the swift, too? (My mother used the back of a chair.) Both seem like a lot of money to spend on her mother. (She’s still in college.)

If you have one, can you give me some suggestions as to price range, brand (knitpicks has one; where else?), etc. She’s a big on-line shopper so I could direct her to KP or I’m sure e-bay.

Any input would be most useful.

Personally I’d want a swift first, then a ball winder, because you cant use a ball winder with the back of a chair…unless it’s a twirly office chair. But you can use a swift by itself (and hand-wind). That’s just me though! I’m sure the others who actually have them will have some good insight! :smiley:

I have the Ball Winder from joann.com - I used a 50% off coupon and paid like $25 for it, plus shipping, but the shipping wasn’t too bad. I’m lucky - my father made me a swift, so I got out of it pretty cheap. I got the swift first, then decided I needed the winder too. They have an umbrella swift at joann.com too, but I can’t vouch for the quality.

Good luck!

I love my wool winder. ( I just can’t call it the other thing ) I don’t have a swift but the back of a chair works just fine. My Kid’s Knit group gets lots of donated yarn and the kids LOVE using the wool winder to get their yarn ready for a new project. If they use skaines instead of center pull balls there is always a tangled mess. I also like winding the leftovers from a project … so much nicer than the floppy mess of the last yards. AND … I love the way the balls look … there I said it … and use them in my baskets as “decor”. Yes, yarn is “decor” therefore it comes out of the household budget. And do not tell my dh any different! I would like a swift, but vote for wool winder to be first on you list.

[size=7][color=red]OMG DEBBIE SAID BALLS!!![/color][/size]

j/k :slight_smile:

I agree with julie, I want the swift before the winder. I’ve gotten pretty good at handwinding, but I can’t can’t can’t can’t wind w whole skein without ending up with a tangle somewhere.


I got my BALL winder first, because I also wind nice flat BALLS from all of my regular skeins. I like the way the BALL winder BALLS sit and dont roll around on ya like regular BALLS tend to do.

(Just for YOU, Deb!! :heart: )

stop saying balls

How? We’re talkin about BALL winders!

there is no need for this willy nilly over use of the word balls though!


btw i just made my mother’s stitch shop order some denise needles so mom can give them to me for christmas…lol

yes i have two sets of Boyes but i want the Denises now too!

I bet if I mentioned this to my DH he’d get a pained look on his face and cross his legs. Hehe :roflhard:

I got a nice wooden swift and the regular Royal ball winder here:

http://www.theoregonwoodworker.net/catalog/. Works great, folds up into a nice little storage bag when not in use. As a relatively new knitter with a tendency to buy yarn in hands, I just went ahead and bought the mama bear & winder set. Love them both.

I want the complete “Cadfael” set.



Well… actually … it would be a yarn winder or a round circular thing maker … right ???

Depends on how much she lurves her mama! :heart: