What do I do?

I want to knit this sweater:

from “The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics”. BUT, the largest size is too small for me. Anybody know where I can find a sweater pattern just like this one only in LARGER sizes?? (almost all their sweaters are too small for me, unfortunately)

I want to knit it with James C. Brett’s Marble Chunky yarn. Thanks so much for your help!


You could try larger needles, size 13 and 15 instead. Or look at the stitch increments between sizes and go up one or 2 more ‘sizes’, whatever you need for the finished measurement you want. So if the CO sts are 4 more for each size, CO 4 or 8 more. Look at all the st numbers - for the sleeves, the decs at the underarm and after decs, incs etc. The length of the body, sleeves and armholes will be given in inches, so work them to the length you need (which may be the same as one of the actual sizes on the pattern, unless you’re a lot taller/longer too).

This one s similar. Be very careful asking questions though. If you post too much she freaks out.