What do I do?

I’m making mittens, but do not understand the pattern. Could someone explain what I’m supposed to do? This is the pattern:


It it just basic mittens, but I don’t understand how to make the thumb.

Please edit your post to take out the parts you don’t need help with. It’s against copyright laws to repost an entire pattern, even a free one. You can post a few rows, or you can link to it if it’s online.

Also posting the whole pattern with a request that you don’t understand it really isn’t specific enough. What part don’t you understand?

Ok. Sorry. I’ll fix it. I need help because I don’t understand what I"m supposed to do for the thumb.

Is it where the pattern says “thumb” or do you not get the part they call the thumb gore? Which size are you making?

I don’t understand the thumb gore part, and I’m making size small. What I don’t understand about it is what I do with it once it’s made.

Okay, I’ll take a look. I’ve just been making mittens too, so that should help. In fact I should be knitting…:lol: It’ll take a little while.


The thumb gore is the base of the thumb. After you do all the increases for it, you slip the stitches onto a spare piece of yarn.

At this point you’ll work the rest of the hand in the round, bringing the two sides of the thumb gore stitches together to close it up. The thumb will fold in half so you can do this.

After the hand is done, you go back and put the thumb stitches back on the needles and knit them.

ETA I don’t see in the pattern where they say to put the stitches on scrap yarn, so that’s where the confusion is from.

All right, you just finished the ribbing. You have 16 stitches on each of 3 different needles for a total of 48. You then worked 2 rnds even.

Thumb gore:

Rnd 1: On the first needle of the row you K8, M1, K8. Now you have 17 sts on that needle. Knit across needles 2 and 3 without doing anything special. You now have 49 stitches.

What you are going to be doing is increasing the gore (sometimes called a gusset), which is the place where the thumb will be later. All the gore shaping is on the first needle each time, then you just knit even across the other 2.

Do you know how to do the M1?

After the first round you knit 2 rounds even, no funny business. :slight_smile:

Rnd 4: On the first needle K8, M1, K1, M1, K8. Now you have 19 on needle 1. Work the rest of the round. You have 51 altogether.

You keep working that way, increasing as they say on needle 1 each increase round and working even on the rest.

When you get to Round 23 you Knit the first 8 and then use a piece of scrap yarn and a tapestry needle to transfer the 15 stitches you increased for the gore onto your scrap yarn. After you move the stitches to the spare yarn use a backward loop increase to put 5 stitches on the end of the needle in your right hand. Then you knit the rest of the stitches on the needle, pulling the gap between the 5 stitches you cast-on and the first of the 8 stitches that are left.

Rounds 25-27 you follow the directions to decrease back down to 47 stitches so you can continue the palm.

Does that help?

Thanks guys! That helps a lot