What do I do wrong?

I cannot figure out what i do wrong!
I use round needles. When i knit in circle, the knit stiches (“the V’s”) kind of hugging each other, however, when i dont knit in circle anymore (the piece divides to a front and back piece), then I realize that the V’s are just next to each other) -picture attached.
The line is visible, when i did and did not stich in round… what do i do wrong?

When you worked in the rounds, you knitted crossed stitches and once you quit going around you begun knitting normal stitches. The fact that the stitches are normal looking when you quit going around makes me believe that you do the purls in the way combined knitters do.

Combined knitting means you have stitches mounted in different ways and sometimes you insert your right-hand needle into a stitch from the left side of the stich, sometimes from the right side of the stitch. When working 1x1 ribbing in the rounds (from second round and further) you should insert the needle from the left side for both knit and purls to avoid crossed stitches. When knitting 1x1 ribbing flat you should insert the needle from right side for both knit and purls. I believe you inserted the needle from the right side of the stitch also when working in the rounds.

In this video I do knit 1x1 ribbing in combined style and in the rounds. If you look carefully you notice I do insert the needle from the left side for both the knit and the purl stitches and because of this I do not get twisted stitches:


Thank you! You’re so right! I twisted the knit stitches:’)
I’d like to solve the problem without startin on all over. The V’s are hugging again by twisting the purl stitches (i just figured out and it worked). However, it looks so uneven… Could you maybe explain why?

It looks uneven because sometimes you cross clockwise and sometimes you cross counter-clockwise. You need to always cross clockwise. This means that you need to change mounting of the stitches you have purled before knitting them crossed. (Alternatively one can insert into the stitch purl-wise and then twist back between the first and the second stitch to pick up the yarn, but I think it is easier for you to change the orientation while doing this section)

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