What do I do with the cast on and off strings?

I’m finished, but, I don’t know what to do with the strings to keep it from unraveling.

To take care of the yarn ends left over after casting on and binding off, you take a yarn needle and weave the ends back into the work. If there’s not a weaving-in-the-ends video on this site, then you might check lionbrand.com, there’s a whole set of instructions on knitting there, and I believe that it includes how to weave in the ends. I’ll be honest enough to say I am not sure, because I have crocheted for years and you do the same thing in crochet, so I didn’t need to learn that! :thumbsup:

Here’s an article from knitty.com that talks about weaving in yarn ends.

that website helped me weave in the end from my first sock!

Great, thanks.

You’re welcome! :thumbsup: