What do i do now?

Hi all!
I have been working on the sleeves of a cardigan, it says to:

inc 1 sts each end of the needle every 1 inch 16 times. then work even untill piece measures 19 1/4 inches.
then shape cap: at beg of each of next 2 rows bind off 6 sts
row3: k2,k2tog, work to last 4 sts, sl1, k1, psso, k2
row4: p2, work to last 2 sts, p2.
rep last 2 rows 19 times more. at beg of the next 6 rows bond off 3 sts.

ok so my problem is: My piece measures 19 1/4 inch already and i’ve only done the inc each side 13 times instead of 16. I thought this wont be a problem as i could continue on to shape the cap. But as i was binding off the 6 sts i was wondering if maybe as i left out 3 sts each side does that mean everything else changes too? ie: instead of 19 times dec each side should i only do it 16 times? instead of binding off 6 sts should i only do 3??
Can anyone help me?

That’s a tough one. It depends on how the sleeve fits and how it will fit into the armhole. I think I’d bind off 3 to get it to the right number of stitches and then shape it. If any fudging needs to be done when you sew in the sleeve, the armpit is the place to do it.

so shall i bind off 3 sts each side then do the dec only 16 times? or 19 times? and then when ive done that Do i still do the ‘bind off 3sts at beg of next 6 rows’?
im really confused as the pattern gives it in a bigger size and all the numbers are different and don’t add up.

Since the arms didn’t work out row-wise, you’ll have to keep a close eye on how long the cap is. I’d start with the bo 3 instead of 6, and continue the decreases as in the directions.

However, if you knit the armhole to match a certain number of inches, you want the cap to be that many inches as well.

Since you’re decreasing every other row, you can’t really change that. Just keep comparing it to the sweater to make sure it’s not getting too long. Then you might need to throw in an extra decrease occasionally.

I wish I could be more specific, but without the pieces here to compare, I don’t want to say to do xyz and find out that it’s too short or long.