What do I do if I forget to do a YO?

I’m making a shawl w YO increases done every row before the 2nd stitch. K, YO K, etc. If I forget to YO before the second stitch ( and realize it right after I’ve knitted the 2nd stitch) what should I do at that point? I realize that the YO makes a hole and I actually want it there for decorative purposes. Thanks!

If you’re still on that same row, then just tink back a stitch, do the YO, then keep on truckin’.

Tinking is basically undoing the knitted stitch you just did… it’s like pressing the rewind button.

When you do the next row, lift the bar between the stitches from front to back with the left tip and it will be as if you did a YO when you were supposed to.:thumbsup:

If it’s just a couple sts after you were supposed to, it’s easier to go back and do it. If you’re on the next row, mark it where it should be so you don’t forget and pick up the yarn between the sts like Ingrid suggests.

Can you make this a sticky somewhere!?! I’m sure I’ll need this tip and not be able to find it! :mrgreen: I’m working on a simple lace pattern with tons of yo’s-it’s just a matter of time before I forget one!