What do i do after casting off?

i’ve casted off my knitting. but there’s this hoop left on the needle. and i dont know what to do after that. is this considered done or not? and what do i do with the threads that are left from the start and when i joined threads? do i just cut them off? will they be undo if i leave it as it is after cutting it off? someone please help me!

You’re going to want to thread a few inches of your working yarn through that hoop and pull it so it’s nice and firm. Weave in all the ends, including that one.

Here are some instructions for weaving in ends: http://knitting.about.com/od/learntoknit/a/weaving_in.htm

Cut your yarn a few inches from that last stitch and either pull the end through the loop, or pull the loop out. Then thread the ends through the nearby stitches.