What Did You Think of Bolinger's Introduction of Ahmadinejad?

Not knowing much about Columbia or its prez, I was surprised at his courage to say exactly what he thought of Iran’s president to his face…and to pose tough questions.

What did you think of Columbia’s and Bolinger’s move? [U][I][B]Politics or Religious affiliations aside[/B][/I][/U]!

While I do think he kicked butt royally, I did vote that he shouldn’t have invited him in the first place.

I don’t see the need to give that kind of hatred a platform.

:waving:Agreed. I’m torn between that point of view and the desire to show his true feelings uneditted by the press pundits.

It is sad that the president of Columbia University does not realize that the images played in Iran and other countries will show Iran’s President being welcomed and the English words will be “translated” to suit their propaganda purposes… The President of Iran plays America for fools.
Also, did you know that protesters to the “visit” were not allowed? So much for free speech…
It is not very courageous to speak freely in the US… He would be courageous if he was speaking these words in Iran…Is he naive enough to think that is possible?

I just read that the Islamic Republic News Agency is reporting that Iran’s leader got a standing ovation at Columbia University… Thank you Columbia, for giving such a great photo op for a terrorist…

Quelle surprise! Was there ever any doubt that would happen in their media??? I referred to the uneditted comments by our media. We can all make up our own minds, don’t you think? :wink:

Thanks for all your inputs. I was afraid to ask for fear of it being routed into a political or religious malay. But I should have known better, knitters are kind people.

If you watched Glenn Beck last night, he did a very concise explanation of why this man is so dangerous, that his religion tells him it is his role to bring about war in order to cause the return of their Mahdi (their savior).

I believe this is a RADICAL view, and that there are peace-loving non-radical Muslims who don’t agree with this. Unfortunately, in [B]his[/B] country they are killed rather than given the right to free speech.

Anyway…I am a naturalized American citizen and I feel VEEEEEEERY blessed to be so!!!

I didn’t hear Bollinger’s entire remarks, but I did hear excerpts of Ahmadinejad’s remarks in which he claims that homosexuality does not exist in Iran and it sounded as though the crowd openly laughed at him. I’m all for allowing politicians make ridiculous statements and being exposed for the fools they are. This man is not the real power in Iran, his popularity was low in his own country until the U.S. started demonizing him and even the Arabs who were antagonistic towards Persians now consider him favorably. Because of our hostility towards him, his statements are given validity instead the ridicule they deserve

Arielluria: I did get a lot of satisfaction hearing Bollinger’s remarks… but not as much satisfaction as Ahmadinijad got manipulating the reporting of the event…He is an evil man… more of us need to speak up when we see evil gaining power…A Holocaust survivor was interviewed this AM… she asked why there were so many “silent bystanders” she said that is how Hilter gained his power.

I would have thought they could have gotten someone so much more fulfilling than that but I guess they got some publicity over it. Maybe next year they can get Castro to speak. :ick: