What did YOU make this summer vacation?

I am just back from my summer trip to Sweden. 2 weeks of a road trip.

I did knit some along the way and came up with 2 nice pieces to bring home. I still have to take pictures, but at least I can already show the pieces in their pattern-picture-way on the Drops-website:

and then this one:

Being in Sweden was nice because the drops yarns are sold in a lot of shops so I went yarn shopping for the second piece quite easily.

What did YOU make on your summer vacation? Any nice projects to show? I will enter real pics of my creations as soon as I get to taking some!

Nice pieces!! What colors did you use?

I haven’t done much knitting at all this summer. Made some dishcloths for my DD’s new apartment, some for her friend’s new apartment and some for one of my friend’s birthday. And I made some bibs for my DGD’s birthday.

I started this kimono - have a few more inches to go to complete the back. I’m using multi colored Jelly Beanz yarn for the garter stitch borders and black for the rest. It’s working up very pretty!

I’m also working on this throw for my DD. We were browsing patterns and she zeroed in on this one - fell completely in love. Just started the 4th strip last night. Using the Knit Picks Suri Dream yarn and it is unbelievably soft and light.

I also have a sock started. Can’t seem to get back to it though. Need to start a baby blanket as soon as I finish this throw. My niece is due in October but we think they baby’s gonna come sooner. I have a bag of different yarns thrown together to try my hand at a baby “colinette” (basically a feather and fan pattern with different fibers) throw. We’ll see how that works out.

Now that DD is back at college and things are settling down I’m looking forward to getting into more of a routine. :slight_smile: This summer has been incredibly crazy.

Can’t wait to see your photos! Those look pretty. :thumbsup:

I finished up a sweater and have been working on a new one. Also attempting to figure out a few things for a bib I want to make. :lol:

:knitting:Aw, y’all don’t [I][B]really[/B][/I] wanna know [B][I]all I knit[/I][/B] for summer vacation, do ya? Nah, I didn’t think so. :eyes:

Will share my favorite twin-set:

My favorite “single”:

Click here to view my entire Spring-Summer Collection.

And don’t hate on me! :teehee:
My nest is empty, I’m retired and have lots of time to knit! You’ll get there, too! :wink:

I have been making string market bags, 4 of them . Gave one to my neighbor, and one goes to my daughter-in-law and the last two are for me.

I am happy you have made things. And, Artlady: yup, I wish I had that much time for knitting but I am afraid I would go broke on yarn! Those pieces look great.
I am a fast knitter already and pretty consitend about my output these days so I do not fear competition. I am just lazy about taking pictures of my latest pieces. I will show them off as soon as I get to it!

I made a few things this summer, but nothing knitted. My yarn work was all crochet this time around!

Two afghans were unlikely summer projects, but I did them anyway… a very colorful granny square one, and a simple single crochet afghan to use up leftover yarn from another project.

I also sewed a few bags…two of my favorites are the one for my daughter with her own artwork on it, and one for a friend who just loves bags.

A little quilting too… some I Spy quilt tops and one completed I Spy quilt.

I also crocheted a pair of slippers and made a video to help one of my readers understand the pattern so she could make them too.

There were a few other projects in there too over the summer, but those were the major ones. It was a good summer for swimming and being outdoors, but also quite productive on the handiwork side!


Beautiful pieces, all of them. You are an inspiration to us all.