What did I miss?

What did I miss last night at the chat?? I fell asleep before I had intended :oops: Sorry I could make it…

There was a chat last night? :shock: :evil: :cry:

I thought that chats were open every Monday night??? :? :oops: I could mistaken though … :oops:

oooh good to know. So Mondays are the night ? K I’ll write it down

The chat room is open 24/7 for anyone and everyone to use. We have yet to pick an official day of the week for chats, as I haven’t gotten many responses for which day everyone likes the best.

Monday sounds like a good day to me for the “official” chats, so let’s make it Monday for now. Eventually, I’d like to have 2 days a week, one day for folks in the Eastern time zone and one day for Pacific time zone.

I’m going to see if I can add a poll…


Kewl! I think 2 weekly chats would be nice to account for time zones! Monday nights (eastern nights, that is ;)) are great for me … knit … drool over wresters … chat w/ other knitters … [color=blue]it just don’t get no better than that[/color] … :smiley:

:arrow: [size=2]([color=blue]PS - I did, in fact, pay attention in English grammar. :slight_smile: I just felt the need to clarify.) [/color] [/size] [color=indigo]giggle[/color] :lol:

OK, I only got two hours of sleep…what is a wrester???

Oops … I meant wresTler … :oops: Ha ha! I paid attention in grammar at the expensive of SPELLING!!! HAHAHA!!! :lol: :oops: :roll:

Us Virginians call it wraslin’ :wink:

Oh yes, I know … some Marylanders call it wraslin’ too!! :lol:

According to Beldie, it’s just called [size=1]sex[/size] in Canada… something must have gotten lost in translation…

You’ll have to excuse Hildegard. I’ve been recommending [size=1]this[/size] site to her many times. She still hasn’t made it past Step 1, but I have hope for her.

I should be able to make it on Mondays. Hope to catch some people online next week :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, it looks like we may have an official knittinghelp chat room soon! DH is working on it, I’ll keep you posted!

Denise, are you still interested in moderating? You can be the official chatroom moderator! :slight_smile: I’d be psyched to have your help and experience!!

I can make appearances in the chat room, with the exception of these times:
Mon. 4:45-9:30pm (EST)
Tues. 6:30-10:30pm
Wed. 4:45-9:30pm

If you met at a time when I could participate for even an hour, I’d be psyched. If Mondays doesn’t work out, I can always do the other time.


okay you win, for now! :lol:

Mondays are good for me… actually and day is good for me except for Thursdays (Survivor, don’tcha know).