What did I forget here?

OK - I’m moving right along on my sock. Get the heel flap going and it looks really good with the stripes in the yarn and then get that gusset going and it feels a little funny, but I keep going and I’m working it - getting down the foot of the sock - then BAM - it hits me! :doh: Anyone notice what I forgot ??? The freaking Heel turn!!! I completely forgot about doing it. I was watching Big Brother and got to laughing and just kept going. UGGG!!! I knew it felt funny when I first started the gusset picking up stitches - it was really tight.

SO I guess I’m going to have to frog it. Hopefully I can frog it slowly and catch it back on the heel flap. I’m not good about putting things back on the needle, but I’ll try it. If not, the whole thing will be RIPPPPed up and I’ll start again.

DARN IT!!! I’m a DORK! :rollseyes:

Oh no!! :frowning:

[size=1]Did you take a picture??[/size] :lol:


when you try to pick them up, i find it’s easier to pick up with a smaller needle and then transfer back to a bigger needle. I don’t pull out as many stitches that way. I guess you’re knitting a sock so i don’t know how much smaller you can go…

good luck!

I am totally embarrassed to admit how many times I have done that! And, I have my favorite sock pattern memorized!

Oh no. I hate frogging too! And to frog something as small as socks. What a pain. That calls for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a big glass of wine.

Good luck!


I completely agree. In fact, if B&J were around in her time, I am COMPLETELY convinced that EZ would have written this into a standard practice before any major frogging endeavor!


I actually did it! I frogged it and ended up getting it back on the needles at my heel flap! I did the heel turn and started back on the gussett and I’m off knitting again! I can’t believe it turned out alright! I was all prepared to rip-it all out! YIPEE!!! Didnt even have the wine or Ben & Jerry’s with it - Darn! Missed out on that fun! :cheering:

You can always reward yourself later! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: WTG, nice recovery :thumbsup:

:frog: We all know it so well… that stupid amphibian!! :rofling: