What did I do wrong?

Hi guys! It’s been a LONG time since I last posted lol, but I have a question.

I just finished the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret and I wore it all day and it is HUGE now. I used Patons classic wool. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Here is a pic of it on me

Thanks for any tips/advice

The slouch looks okay, I think just the ribbing may be too loose. You can either cut it off and pick up the hat sts to redo it from the top down on smaller needles and bind off the edge, or you can run elastic thread through the sts on the inside.

If you think the whole thing is too big, then rip it out and reknit on smaller needles, less rounds to make it shorter, etc. The st repeat is over 9 sts, so you could CO 9 or 18 sts less if a smaller needle makes the sts too tight.

ok, thank you. Its really the ribbing that is too large. I will run some clear elastic though it. Thanks for the tip.

UGh! Isn’t that frustrating! It looks gorgeous though!! Love the pattern. Hope you get it fitting just right. :slight_smile:

WoW! It looks incredible on you! You look great!! I hope you can get it fixed. I was going to suggest sewing a headband inside the ribbing. Some sort of fleece or knit material but I think elastic will work great too. Good luck!

I love that hat. And it really looks nice on you!