What did i do wrong?

Here’s the pattern I’m trying to follow. What did I do wrong with the toe and heel? I can’t tell if I screwed up or if this is the way it’s supposed to look. What do you all think?

It probably just looks weird because it is not felted yet. It is designed to be felted, so I imagine when you set it to dry after felting you would fill it up with something (bags or something soft) to help the shape set.

I think you might be right - Thank you!

Without looking at the pattern and thinking of a regular sock, I was going to say maybe you’d done your toe decreases too quickly(I’ve done them by decreasing every row instead of knitting one row between decreases).

But looking at the pattern pictures, it looks like you probably did it right…it’ll probably look just like the pictures after felting.

I think it’ll turn out alright too. I hope you’ll post pictures in the whatcha knitting forum once you felt it! :slight_smile:

That’s EXACTLY what I did! :aww: Poo. I’m going to leave it like it is, try and felt it into a decent stocking shape, and next year I’ll do a better one for her. :slight_smile:

Before you felt it . . . it may be worth your while to frog it back to the heel, and reknit it, following the instructions very carefully. I speak from experience. If it looks distorted now, it will look a felted distortion later on, and you will have wasted all that lovely “Katy” for nothing. Just a thought –

It’s a good idea, and one good reason to frog it would be that I need to learn how to unravel to a certain point and knit from there. However, I think I’ll leave it for the following reasons:

I kind of messed up the Katy part anyway, so I know I’ll be making her another stocking for next Christmas.
This will be my first attempt at felting, so it might as well be with an imperfect item.
I want to knit my husband a “Daddy” stocking by Christmas, so I need to hurry.

If it weren’t for those things, I would frog it, if just to learn how.

Thanks for all the help, sisters! :muah:

If nothing else, this was a good learning project! :thumbsup:

Braver than me, when I get that far, and have to tink back, I toss it in a bag with all the other projects that need to be tinked, I admit to being scared of the process,lol. It will be great when you are done! Just in time for Christmas, will be a lucky recipiant:)