What did I do wrong?

:gah: I finished an afghan for my son last night. I was so proud…at first. I finished with the correct stitches–it did have a pattern and at the end of each row I would breathe a sigh of relief when I would have the correct stitches left on my needle to knit as the edging. It was so soft and cozy. And then… I folded it and it didn’t square up! :shrug: The CO edge was shorter–a good 5 inches–than my finished edge. I tried to stretch it but it didn’t stretch THAT much. Did I CO my stitches too tight? You mean I could of been knitting this afghan for the last 5 months all wrong from the beginning? :mad: Have you ever heard of this happening before? Thanks for you input!

You probably did cast on too tight.

This could probably be fixed. Someone with more experience could offer some better advice, but if it is just a stockinette stitch or garter, you could undo the cast on edge, and pick up the live stitches and then knit a few rows and then cast off and then it should be ok. But if it’s a pattern with specific shaping or that isn’t reversable like that, it won’t work.

Yeah, you probably did cast on too tightly. This happens to me sometimes, and you just have to consciously try to do it more loosely. Also, using a needle size (or two!) larger definitely helps a lot, so that’s what I’ve done lately.

Maybe you could block it??? That kind of helps things go into the correct shape and can sometimes have really dramatic effects. Here’s a good article on blocking: http://www.knitty.com/issuewinter02/FEATdiyknitter.html Good luck! You should still be proud of all your hard work :thumbsup:

This is going to sound really funny… but one thing I did to help getting my cast on a better fit was to stick the other needle next to the cast on stitch and then cast on another stitch.

So each stitch would be one needle width apart from the other stitch. [Don’t cast on to your ‘spacer’ needle.]

Generally speaking this works really well. And once you get used to the spacing, you won’t need the other needle.

I still cast on fairly snug but not tight. The space gives me the stretchy cast on.

It may be that you can pick up the side stitches (or the end of the now short row) and simply add on enough knitted stitches there to compensate - I am sure someone more experienced will offer some great suggestions. Must be disappointing for you but don’t despair as yet. :think:

I cast on tightly myself and I’ve often stressed over giving away a piece of work that has a shorter cast on edge than the finished edge only to realize the reciepent of my work doesnt notice.

Well… there’s probably as many cast-on methods as there are knitters, but the way I do it, which is the way my mom taught me, is that i instead of casting on to a needle that’s a few sizes bigger I hold both needles together and cast on to both…

There has got to be a way you can fix this so I’ll bump the thread for you.

(I use 2 sizes bigger to cast on. Holding two needles works but it’s too much effort for me)

Thanks Rachel for sending me the info on blocking. I checked out your blog and you projects are beautiful–I especially like your cabled throw and felted purse. Happy knitting!

That’s a great idea Cia and one that I will be using. Thanks!