What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

I’ve knit the waist and the body of a pair of pants. I split for the legs and have finished one leg. I’m ready to do the other leg so my pattern says I need to use 12" circs for the legs instead of the 16" circs I’ve been using for the body. So, I am ready to start the legs and I have my 12" circs and I start knitting onto them (my work is currently on the 16" circs).

So I knit the entire round and now have all stitches on the 12" circs only my round is not joined. So I’ve added an extra row without joining the round.

What did I do wrong? How do I fix it? I’m trying to remember how I transitioned the stitches for the first leg onto the 16" circs but I can’t remember.

Hold the needle with the working yarn in your right hand and the make sure the first stitch you knit off is at the left tip. When you start knitting, you’ll join.

Ok, that I understand but what happened in this situation was I was knitting one leg. I binded off. Ready to knit the other leg. I didn’t have any working yarn so I was working with a new piece of yarn. I took the end of the yarn from my ball and used it to start knitting into the needle in my left hand (the needle in my right hand was empty and had no working yarn).

Does that make sense?

Ok, I see. So your stitches are on the 12" needle now? One end should have working yarn on it, since you knitted off, right? Or am I picturing this all wrong. . .

Yes, now I have working yarn and my work is on the 12" needles. But, I should have joined my yarn while knitting onto my new needles. So I need to undue what I did and I need to join my work while knitting with a new piece of yarn. I guess I don’t have to worry about switching needles since when I undue the work I can just keep it on my 12" circs, right?


I guess my first order of business is undoing one row of work which I always find difficult and tedious.

I’d probably just join now and sew up any hole later, but that’s me. :teehee:

You could unknit back to the row where the stitches were on the other circ and continue in the round from there to avoid any gap, though.