What did i do now?

:?? Working on a simple 2x2 ribbing. I am looking at the row I just did and on the WS it looks normal… I can see the 2 purls and 2 knits as the should be. Now I flip it over to the RS and somehow the last 2 stitches are wrong. It should be 2 knits, but they are purls. How can that be?

I know it is an easy fix… but I am just wondering what I did or how it happened? How can it show right on one side and wrong on the other?

Whoa! You got me … :thinking:

Just thinking out loud … maybe it has something to do with whether the number of sts divided by 2 is an even or odd number?? I think that might effect the k2 p2 rib? If the divided number is odd, you can’t just do k2p2 through and through. You can only do k2p2 on every other row. The rows in between have to start w/ p2k2. I’m not sure that would account for the RS looking wrong.

Any chance that you have a pic??

It sounds like you just knit those last 4 sts instead of k2, p2. Maybe?

Magic. Plain and simple.

Maybe? But wouldn’t the other side look like 4 purls then? Cuz they didn’t. I don’t have a camera. I pondered not touching it until I got home and could take a picture of it… but that is a good 3 days away and this is the only project I brought :shock: I am going with Ingrid… I think it was magical knitting.