What did I do? Help me recover my work!

Sorry for the bad picture, my camera is broken. I knitted two stitches, and whilst moving around accidentally slipped the needle out and it undid. Now I have this long piece of undone stitch that I do not know how to recover. I guess this is a “slipped needle” “dropped stitch.” But I’ve looked at How-To’s to fix a dropped stitch and it’s not making sense. I can’t find any loop to pull this sucker back through. HELP please!!! :sob:

Welcome to KH!
I was going the recommend the video for fixing a dropped stitch. It looks to me like the stitch on the needle in your right hand that is nearest the tip is the loop that the extra yarn needs to be pulled through. Check the path of that undone piece and see if indeed it skips that stich near the tip of the right needle.