What did everyone use for Glampyre?

I’m trying to re-start the Simple Knitted Bodice in something that’s [color=red]not [/color]a cotton blend. I found some Araucania Nature Wool I loved, but Webs wrote to told me they sold out of my color. :pout:

Now that I have my tax refund, I can afford something a little more pricey, though I don’t think I can spring for the Tilli Tomas :roll: …what did you all use??

I used SWTC’s Pheonix in Chocolate. 100% soysilk.
I got mine off ebay, and it wasn’t very pricey. I :heart: :heart: the yarn.

It’s a crappy pic, but this is how mine is knitting up:

Highly highly suggest it. :thumbsup:

I voted (Mmmmmm) even though I’ve messed up and have to frog and start all over again… but that’s not the lovely yarn’s fault… :teehee:

very cute! I’m way behind lately…is there a link to the pattern?

I’m using KP Andean Silk … I must pick it back up again - I’m upto the sleeves.

The KAL thread is here, Kemp! It starts with the link.

I voted mmmmmmmmmmm, but I haven’t actually started it yet :shifty: