What decrease?

Still working on my sweater (http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=6383) and the first section that you make is the back. In this section, it’s calling for decreases but doesn’t tell me what method to use. Other sections specify what to do - K2tog, P2tog and ssk. What method should I use for the first section?


These decreases shape the body of the sweater. You can use the ssk and then k2tog here also (they’re used later for the raglan shaping too). Both are shown on the Glossary page if you’d like to see videos. It’s easiest to do them one or two stitches in from the edges so that you have a clear line when you go to seam.

Thank you so much!

I knit a LOT of Bernat patterns, since I work for them. If it just tells you to “decrease”, it means to do a k2tog on a knit row, or a p2tog on a purl row.