What "dec" stitch to use

I everyone, I am working a very “easy” (according to the pat) child’s sweater…I am on the sleeve (dec 1 st ea end every 4th row 2 times) well, I figured that out (thanks to you guys from my last post :hug:) the dec happens on"each" end…How do you know what “dec” to use? The dec’s are landing on the P side, so I am just pTOG…When do you decide about the slanting issues in dec’s? If the pat does not specify, what dec stitch to use? When do you use left and right dec’s…Is that an issue on a sleeve?:shrug: Thanks all

You’re only doing 2 decreases, so I don’t think it’s a big issue here, but for a long sleeve with lots of decreases, you usually do a k2tog at one end and a ssk or skpsso at the other end. Which end gets which decrease is a matter of preference, and doesn’t really matter if you’re consistent.

How do you figure your decs are on the purl rows? Usually they’re done on the knit row; it’s easier to do and you can make `match’ by doing ssk/skpo on the beginning and k2tog at the end.

Ummm, well (for some odd reason)my dec row started on the WS (p side of my work) so, I just PTOG…pleaze pleaze don’t say I goofed up:frog:

Someone on here posted a way to remember which way decreases lean.
For K2tog look at the slant in the 2=/. For SKP, SSK or the others like that look at the slant in the S=.
I K2tog on this side / \ SSK on that side.

It frys my brain trying to figure out how that rule applies to which one slants which way with purls.

It will be at the seam, nobody will see.

I had one from Red Heart that was all on the purl side.

It’s hard to get matching decs on the purl side, but no you didn’t goof up. I would just make the decs on the next knit row - ssk and k2tog.

Shwwww, that’s a relief…I’m already thru the “dec’s” on this sleeve…chances are they will “fall on the p side” on the next sleeve… should I use ssk and k2tog on the other sleeve? Intentionally start the dec’s on the Knit side? or Just wait to see what happens? Thanks soooo much…

You can try them on the knit side. Since they’re sleeves, they’ll mostly be hidden by the seams and shouldn’t be too noticeable.