What darn kind of increase to use?

Relative Newbie here. I know all the different increases (in theory!) but in practise, not so good.

I am knitting a felted bag on circular needles, all stockinette. It looks as though the markers are being placed at the sides of the bag.The directions for every 10th row for the first 30 rounds say to:

- knit, increasing in the stitches before and after each marker.

So what is the best kind of increase, the m1 or knit in front and back of stitch. Or something else that is very, very advanced!! I don’t want a hole, of course, but should I be paying attention to which way the stitch slants, etc.? So that I can learn good habits if I do something with a similar shape that isn’t felted?

Can someone spell it out for me? Thanks so much.

When a pattern says `increase [B]in[/B] the stitch’ it means a kfb; the other increases are between stitches. In this pattern it’s very specific - knit to one stitch before the marker, kfb, kfb in the stitch after the marker. Every pattern is different and on some it may make a difference as to which increase and which way they slant. But this one is going to be felted, so the direction of slant is not important.

Thanks so much! It really is specific, isn’t it? Didn’t think of it that way.

And now back to my bag thanks to you.

Ok so what does KFB mean?

Knit Front and back of the same stitch. There is a video here under increases.