What Color?

I want to make several shawls for the holidays, which of these colors would be most appropriate? Lionbrand LB 1878 Colors

I think it kind of depends on the pattern and of course the person they are for. Overall for gifts I’d go with a neutral, but if you know the person loves a color then go for that.

The local Artisans Gallery has asked me to make 3 for sale within the next month…I need more fingers! LOL! I’m partial to the Claret…maybe I need to be looking at Royal Blue and Deep Greens, too?

Those seem like reasonable colors that most people would like. I too love the Claret but that’s one of my favorites!

Jan, how do I edit the poll? I’m open to different yarns as well, should be fingering or lighter weight…

I voted for the claret because it’s the red is a traditional holiday color, but the fisherman is pretty neutral I would like that as well.

:think: I don’t think you can edit the poll…or if so I don’t know how. I’ll check into and if I find a way I’ll let you know.

Okay! Thanks…

I’ve found a gorgeous Royal blue, too! HERE and look at all the other colors! Your Opinions DO Matter to me!

I think the claret makes a good color for a holiday shawl in particular, but if it wasn’t just a holiday thing, I’d probably go towards the natural heather, and/or the dark grey heather. You’ve got a lot of knitting ahead of you, good luck!

I like the Claret for a holiday color in the LB choices as well. For the merino lace, I love the Stormy and Mezzonite.