What color would you use?

I just found out that a friend of mine is expecting twins this summer! :cheering: She’s having a boy AND a girl. I’ve already gotten started on the blanket for the girl - it’s lavendar and beautiful!

My dilemma is what color to make for the boy’s blanket. I’d like to use a darker color like green or navy or something, but I’m not sure.

What color would YOU choose to make for a boy’s baby blanket?? I’m making this one: http://wishingiwasknitting.blogspot.com/2007_02_20_archive.html and want to make it in a solid color.


I like the idea of using green, and there are lots of beautiful shades of green to choose from. The navy might show fluff too much, but a lighter shade of blue (lighter than navy, that is) would be pretty.

I would choose a complementary color and make it some shade of yellow. :slight_smile:

(I used a color wheel at http://colorschemedesigner.com/ to look up the color and then went to http://www.colourlovers.com/ to find a sample palette.)

Since you are NOT using pink for the girl’s blanket (good for you) I would NOT use blue for the boy’s blanket (be a rebel).

I like green.

I like green too.

Green sounds good to me, too. More of a sagely green though not mint.

I would do blue, but that’s just me. My son (now 37 years old) always liked green though…even when he was older it turned out to be his favorite color.

and since there’s no rule about colors…why not enjoy doing a color you like!
You could do cream, or even a combination of orange, green, brown.


I like the yellow idea, but you could even do a green-ish yellow.

I’d do green. Not only great color, but very gender neutral. Great for their next child, should they choose to have more.

Thanks everyone!!:muah:

Once I finish up the 3 projects I’m currently working on THEN I’ll go yarn shopping! But you’ve given me much to think about. I had never thought about using a complimentary color before.

I used to make all my boy baby blankets in “baby” colors. But lately, I’ve switched over to using colors that an older boy might like, hoping that the blanket will get “loved” a lot longer.


I remembered a baby blanket worked in green. Wonder of wonders I recalled the name and found it! I thought you might like to take a look. It’s here. Whatever color you choose, I hope we get to see both blankets.

It doesn’t matter about the color – if it is a blanket they loved as babies, they will still love it when they are older, even if they have “outgrown” the “baby colors”. (Said by a mama whose three kids, ages 4 - 9, still have their security blankets and show no sign of giving them up anytime soon.)

The multi-colored blankets are nice, too. I’ve made several baby blankets out of these colors (Caron Simply Soft Brite).

The moms were thrilled with them and said their babies were really attracted to the bright colors; plus, it doesn’t look baby-ish, so it has longevity as a favorite blanket.

For my multi-colored blankets, I’ve always used [U]all[/U] the colors (regardless of whether someone thought it was a “girl color” or a “boy color” and regardless of whether it was for a boy or a girl).

You rebel, you! :teehee: I bet you’d even put your buttonholes on the left side simply because you don’t have a maid to dress you. Good grief. What’s the world coming to? :mrgreen: I think pastels for babies, blue for boys and pink for girls, have seen their heydey and I for one won’t mourn their demise. When I had babies I loved the brighter colors and with a baby born in 1976 there was a lot of red, white, and blue around. :thumbsup:

Yes, I’m the weirdo who doesn’t play by the “rules” very well. Go figure!

I like both the bright colors and the pastels, and I’ve made multi-colored blankets out of both. But red, white, and blue as baby colors sounds divine!

I like to see babies in strong colors. They look adorable in anything but it’s nice for a change from pink and pale blue. Did you know that pink for girls and blue for boys has only been the norm since around the 1940’s? Before that the opposite assignment was recommended and before that, white was considered the appropriate color for babies. Time to mix things up again.

Planetarium or jalapeno!

I prefer Planetarium. Is the lavender also a Comfy yarn?

I did post earlier voting for green as a choice for the boy. I also wanted to throw out the idea of just plain white! My daughter, when given a choice for her first born requested a white blanket. So that’s what she got. They use it all the time for snuggling in the living room reading books. I used a crocheted basket weave pattern that almost looks knitted. It came from a baby afghan book from Leisure Arts called Snuggle-Up. Pattern is called Basketweave. I chose it partially because it’s one that the baby can’t get their tiny little fingers stuck in any holes.

I like this shade of blue…it’s not ‘typical’ baby blue.

And this shade of blue…

And this shadeof blue…

This shade of green isn’t ‘typical’ baby green.

This shade of green isn’t baby-fied! I like it, too.

And this green, too!

Here’s another gender neutral color of baby blanket! I like it!

And another warm color!

And what’s wrong with milk chocolate? I like this, too!

That said…I still love icy pink for girls. Yeah, call me old fashioned. And I will always love white for any gender!