What color do you think?

I want to make this felted purse for my SIL. I want to use Cascade 220as it calls for. Her favorite colors are blue, brown and yellow. What color scheme should I choose? I was thinking either 2 blues and 1 brown or 1 blue and 2 browns. No yellow. I would appreciate ALL feedback.

Nice bag!!!

If you used the [COLOR=Blue]blue[/COLOR] and then went with her other favorites-
brown-[COLOR=DarkRed]rusty[/COLOR] brown and yellow-[COLOR=SandyBrown]golden[/COLOR] yellow
you would have the complements range of colors.

For two colors I love the [COLOR=Blue]blue[/COLOR] with the off[COLOR=Black]white.[/COLOR]

Two different shades of blue, one brown.

Oddball here. I’d use the 2403 brown for the main body of the purse, and 7818 blue and 7827 yellow for the accents. I’d probably just do the straps in the brown, and only do the accent pattern on the front.

I’m with Miccisue, brown for the body with blue and yellow accents. However, you might want to use the yellow the least, I’ve been told that yellow can be difficult to felt sometimes (similar to white). If you decide to use two blues I think a light blue for the “X” would work out nicely with a medium to dark blue for the emblems. Also, have you thought about using 9537 or 9538 for the brown color. For the handles you could try the light blue and the brown together.