What circular set would you recomend?

I’ve been eying all the circular needle sets, and I’m wondering what you guys would recommend. I’m either gonna get a set for my b-day or christmas, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! :muah:

I vote for the Harmony circulars from Knitpicks if you like really slick wood needles. And they are pretty. I love mine.

I absolutely love the Knitpick nickle plated interchangables. It’s like knitting with butter. It is so smooth and so easy with the nickle plated. I get the interchangables because if you get more than one you can switch the cable if you need a larger one or vise-vers and switch the needle sizes along with it. I love em.

heatherg23- that’s what I meant to say interchangable. Couldn’t think of the word though. oops! thank you both for the suggestions!

HMMMMMMM there was a “sticky” thread that gave pages and pages of “opinions” on circular interchangables but it seems to have dissappeared.

If I had unlimited resources I would have a complete set of Addi Turbo circs, but my funds are not unlimited so I have some Addi’s and two sets of interchangeables; Denise and Options.

Of those two I prefer the Options hands down. But my FAVORITE needle is and always will be Addi’s.

I have several sizes of the Addi’s but hands-down I prefer the Knitkpicks Options. The Option points are great, sharper than the Addi points, IMHO. I love the interchangeables, of course, as you can have several projects working with the same sized needle. Saves money in the long run.

Oh I have to say either set of the Knit Picks Options. I want the Harmony set and my put it on my Christmas list.

I un-stickied it because apparently no one looked at it anymore. They still posted questions like this one so I figured why leave it up there.

If you like wood I’d go with Harmonies, if you like metal I’d go with Options. I love mine! :inlove:

I have the Knit Picks Options & Harmonies (full set of Options, random extras in harmonies). I really love them. The only other ones I’ve used are Boye and they’re definitely better than those. Affordable, too. I like to use the Options with wool and cotton yarn. I prefer the Harmonies for lace knitting, because they aren’t quite as slippery (but still really smooth).

I read something about the kp options earlier today and looked at the web-site… Knitpick nickle plated interchangeable set is on sale for $60.00 w/free shipping. I thought I read before something about people not liking the lengths of the cables that came with them. Any thoughts, I think I’m ready to buy these… I like my needles really smooth.

Yeah, I’m thinking about going with knit pick options, the nickel plated ones. I got a lionbrand catalog the other day, and they said they had a set of interchanables. Anybody used them? I’ve heard the boye isn’t really all that great, so that’s deffinitely out.

I have a full set of KP Options and love them - I also have some random Harmony tips and love them. You can’t beat the price and their customer service rocks too!

I have the Harmony interchangeables. It comes with 2-24" cables and 2-32" cables. I have 3 of those cable in use right now. I have also purchased separately 2-40" cables and duplicate tips in sizes 4-6 since those are the sizes I use the most. I haven’t needed the 40" cables yet, the 24" and 32" do everything I need right now.
I also love the caps they give you with the set, so you can take your needle tips off and use them on another project without your UFO falling off the cable.
I continue to add to my set as I find more that I need, but I haven’t for a second regretted my purchase.

I just got my set of KP nickel plated last week. I’m very happy with them. They’re so much more cost effective than Addi’s… although I so love the Addi’s.
Unfortunately, both the 24 inch cables are damaged. I emailed CS yesterday morning about exchanging them, but haven’t had a response as of yet. I’ve read so often they’re CS is great, so I’m sure I’ll hear from them tomorrow.
At any rate, even though I need those two cables replaced, I am happy I bought them and am very much enjoying them. They’re almost as fast as my Addi’s and the tips are sharper, which is a bonus to me!

I’ve just begun teaching myself how to know. I have a set of the Boye interchangeables and now a set of the Knit Picks Options. I love the KP Options. There is no comparison. They are extremely smooth and I love the fact that the tips are sharp. I don’t seem to have the problem of the yarn splitting as much since the tips are so pointy. I think the price is great also.

I wanted to love Knit Picks, I really did.
But the way I knit I push on the tip of the needle a lot to move stitches and they were just too sharp and left bruises and a lot of pain on my fingertip. So just be aware of that incase you knit that way too. I tried using bandaids a while, but that was a pain to keep reapplying everytime I plunked down to knit for a moment, and I tried to change how I knit, forget it LOL
While Addi Turbos are sharp they aren’t as sharp as knit picks and I don’t have the same problem. But the interchangables are going to be way out of my price range.
And I love my Denise interchangables.
I also like Susan Bates silverado circulars. These are not interchangable, but the price is so low that it’s feasible to buy whatever you need. And I have found them to be really nice.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]I :heart: my KP Options!! I have a few Harmony tips, too. They are the only needles I use.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]I lied, I do use DPN when I needed…:teehee: [/COLOR][/FONT]

Ditto I :heart::heart::heart:mine. They’re the BEST!!!