What cereal do Knitters eat?

Why SHREDDIES of course!


I saw that commercial while I was in Europe and I thought it was adorable! I haven’t seen it yet in the states so I thought that maybe it was a British commercial.


love it!

That’s so cute!

how cute! :slight_smile:

My first thought was “I don’t eat cereal”…then I saw the video and loved it. The knitters sure were all “cute”.:cheering:

hehe I saw it on TV just before I posted it. Had never seen it and was busy working on a sock for my boss. Made me giggle =D

I just saw that on TV and came on to see if there was a Youtube for it and there it is! Thanks :yay:



Same here! Actually, not eating any cereal, I almost didn’t read the thread and am really glad I did! Thanks for sharing…

That’s cute!!! But they hold the needles in such a weird way :??

Oh my gosh, how cute! :slight_smile:

Are they holding their needles upside-down?!?

Aww, that put a smile on my face after a not so great day!

that’s so cute! :lol:

I knew there was a reason it’s my favourite cereal!!! But I’ve always seen it in yellow boxes…not blue!

:yay:That was great. :yay:

It reminds me of the lady who taught me how to knit! She is from the UK and is just a kick in the pants!

:rofling:sooo cute!!!

How cute, cute, cute is that! I think the US could use some of the Brits advertising execs. Our stuff is either stupid or filthy!:inlove: