What catalogs do you subscribe to?

I was reading Debbie’s post about the Ram Wool catalog and I was wondering what other catalogs everyone gets? I love getting catalogs in the mail!!!


I get Patternworks and Knitpicks.

I get the same as Jan plus the new Lionbrand catalog (not sure how that got started…)

Lion used to put one out more regularly but seemed to stop. I had forgotten all about them by the time I was suddenly getting a new one. it was a new style when it came out so maybe that was why it took so long between mailings. :shrug:

otherwise yup… I get those three too. I feel like every once in a while i get something in the mail from Elann too. It always makes me mad when I see it because we have a furniture store here by the same name that I can’t get to stop mailing me stuff.

(They argue with me that I must have signed up for their mailers…seriously argue with me, like that is going to make me less annoyed… I don’t do contemporary furniture and that is apparently all they do so why would I go there? hrrrrmph!) <~~~ I digressed

Lion, Patternworks and KnitPicks.

Patternworks just sent me one that said I need to order or I won’t get another.

I get WEBS, KnitPicks, and YarnBarn of Kansas also.

See also: “What’s your favorite yarn catalog?” :wink:

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I couldn’t help myself and signed up for all of them!!! Can’t wait to start getting the mail!!!


For some reason my gardening catalogs out number the knitting ones this time of year:) I don’t know how I got subscribed to so many. The knitting one that I like the best is Knitpicks.