What can't a beginner live without?

I am a new knitter and the only items I have are two skiens of yarn and needles in sizes 8, 9, 10 & 10 1/2. What are some other suggestions for items that would be good for a beginner and what are some things that can wait to be purchased later? My birthday is two months away and I thought I could build my supplies by putting a few things on my wish list.



A tape measurer and a crochet hook. and scissors, of course.

You need a spouse with a tolerance for yarn shopping. :roflhard:

No, reallly, my DH asked me what I wanted when I started…and I made a list…

I had bought a kit with needles, stitch markers,a counter, gauge, point protectors…and a pattern book…

Then I figured out I needed a bag for my stuff…

But my DH usually just asks me what I want, rather than him trying to figure it out for me…

gift certificates in obscene amounts.

my bday’s this weekend, I am waiting for these to magically appear in the mail any day. :rofl:

I would say a book that has some good “how-to” with answers to what does “SSK” mean or stuff like that.

The problem is that its got to be one that you understand. So each book is different.

Other than that… I’d get a sharp pair of scissors, retractable measuring tape, a nice bottle of lotion for your hands (a thank you type thing), and various sizes of knitting needles or circulars. Also some yarn needles for finishing. I was using large eye embroidery needles, but yarn needles have made me get closer to enjoying weaving in the ends.

The problem with someone buying yarn for you, or pattern books is that… well, if the yarn doesn’t make you itch to knit it… you will likely have a hard time getting into it! And who’s to say you like that particular book.

So I’d suggest you either ask for gift certificates or tools of the trade. Leave the buying of the “whats” of the trade to you :slight_smile:

Stacy, I can say that one thing I wish I had done was instead of investing so much of my money in straight needles, I wish I’d just bought my set of Denise interchangeable needles. You can knit on circular needles just as if they were straights. Or turn the needles into “straight flexible needles” and use them just like straight needles. However, see what others think.

My other favorite item is my little scissors that fold up so the sharp points aren’t exposed.

Stitch markers
Tape measure
Needle sizer
book for basic help

AND something that you don’t need to buy… learn what the stitches look like! I can’t stress it enough. It’ll save you a bunch of problems with patterns.

I think everyone has already made some good suggestions, but I would add patience to that list. I was very frustrated the first few days. Once I just relaxed and accepted the fact that my knitting wasn’t going to be perfect just starting out (if ever) it became a lot more fun.

I think this site is better than any beginner’s book so scratch that from the list, IMHO.

I’d agree w/ the gift certificate thing… more yarn is what you need!

I couldn’t live without my row counter. I suppose you could also mark it down on paper, but I usually forget that I am supposed to be keeping track! My row counter fits right on the needle, so when I get to the end of the row, there it is waiting for me.

The reason I suggested a good book is because I have something going on with my high-speed internet connection every single time I have to try and do the kitchner stitch on my socks.

I really need to learn toe up socks… but in the 5 pairs I have knit… I have had something go wrong with my computer.

So for the last pair, the book I had bought was my solution. It still wasn’t perfect, but I actually did get it right for 1 1/2 socks. So that is why I suggested the book. For those non-net occurances.

I bought The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe, but it isn’t a be and end all kind of book. (it is small enough to fit in my purse for away knitting :slight_smile: I have misplaced criterion sometimes :lol: )

Knitting needles size 6mm… in circular and straight, I have used them for everything!!

And of course… access to Knittinghelp!! :wink: :cheering:

Something else that might help is a knitting buddy; check out the “knitters knear you” forum to meet up with other in your area.

Her size 10s are 6mm, but yes, circular needles would be good.


In my case, a good dose of humor :teehee:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I have written everything on my wish list. Usually when I start something new I just go crazy and buy whatever I see, but I figured this time I was going to do it right!

[color=red]Rebecca- I LOVE gift certificates. I always ask for them at Christmas! That way I know that I’ll get just what I want![/color]

[color=brown]Mason- Patience is a virtue! I have learned this already. I have started the same scarf 5 times, but this time I’m going to finish it without starting over. My first project DOES NOT have to be perfect!![/color]

[color=green]loveswildflowers- Interchangeable needles is such a good idea. I will definitely look into those![/color]

[color=blue]Roberta- Love the idea of the book. I am an avid researcher and I think having something tangible in my hand would make me feel more relaxed.[/color]

[color=violet]Hildegar_von_Knitting- I have found a group in my area. They meet the first Monday of each month, but I will have to wait until May because I already have that day booked until then. My church also has a knitting group, but they meet in the morning and I don’t think my boss would understand if I took an hour off to go knitting!!![/color]

Thanks again for all the great suggestions!!!


Why has nobody said chocolate? :shrug:

Have you all gone mad? :teehee:

And whisky to numb the pain of frogging. :rofl:

Chocolate & Whiskey!! I needed both of those last night when I had to pull-out half of my scarf!!! Too bad I gave-up chocolate for Lent! :doh:

I’ve just got some of these!

I think they’re great :heart: