What can you do with Google?

I used to have this Google tab on my Google home page that would google for knitted items. Now its gone. I just discovered google mail and calender. What other Google things do y’all use?

I own a Google group for cranky bearded types. It’s called Bearded Badgers :wink:

Google maps are infinitely useful for geocachers (you don’t wanna know).

I also use it to convert grams to ounces: just type “how many ounces are in x grams?” and it will tell you. The calculator has other functions I’m sure, but that’s the one I use.

My DH and I both have gmail and we use it to chat while he’s at work.

Google really is going to take over the world.

Mine stopped working, too. You can create your own though and it would be quite useful if you put in enough search words.

What do I use it for? …

  1. go to google maps and put in whatever word and your zip code to find local things like yarn stores

  2. google maps in general

  3. google images for knitty stuff although I use Ravelry more for that now.

  4. general searching

  5. products search

  6. news

  7. weather

  8. I have a custom gadget that rotates my pet photos. :wink:

I agree, it does come in handy for geocaching. It helps to get an idea of the lay of the land.

i heart google. I’ve used Gmail for several years and I also use picasa, google calendar, google notebook and google documents (very useful for students/people who use more than one computer.)
i love google, though of course i’m afraid one day they will take over the world…it’s a friendly kind of menace, though, and i’d rather them than microsoft. :smiley:

Yeah, at least they use Linux :rofl: