What can this piece of fabric be?( problem solved! )

Some of you who read my previous thread may have seen this piece of fabric before. I ramdomly invented this knitting pattern and I continued on knitting it and came up with this. I wonder what this could become? It’s kind of too narrow to be a scarf… :pout:

If there isn’t anything that it could possibly be then I’m probably gonna unravel it :pout:

That would make a lovely belt or headband. Or even some banding for a something else - its lovely!

It would be a nice headband~ or maybe a strap to a small handbag or purse? :??

make it really super long so that it can be a scarf that you wrap around a bunch of times?? :shrug:

I’d go with a headband or a cool belt maybe with some kind of fringe on the ends. It looks great so far whatever it’ll be!!

seam up the sides for a cell phone caddy thingy :slight_smile:

Those thin scarves have been very popular. Knit nice and long and your in! :teehee:

I’d make it a long skinny scarf and wear it as an indoor accessory, instead of a necklace. I have a couple of scarves that I do that with.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: ! all the opinions are great :cheering:
I’ll maybe try a scarf or headband, or maybe even something else :slight_smile:
Anways! Thanks again everyone! :hug:

I love it!! Make it super long and wrap it a few times around your neck. I love the color. Do a search and look for fun ways to tie scarves.

i’d go with the headband

Problem solved! I made it into this ! :cheering:

I thought of this idea when I saw my little penguin doll :rofl: Even though I didn’t use you guys’ ideas but still, thanks everyone :notworthy: :cheering:

I love it. What is the pattern?

You mean the pattern for the net-looking fabric? I invented this pattern by ramdom :rofl: and I would love to share it! :slight_smile:

All I did was knit once, pass the stitch back to the left needle, and then knit again, pass it back, finally knit again. And then I repeat that with every stitch. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s cool. I love the stitch. I’m going to use it!! Thanks!