What can I use Dishie yarn for?

Hello all

Is dishie yarn only to make kitchen stuff?

Can I use it to make a pair of kids socks??

I also have some snuggly DK weight bamboo yarn. What kind of things can I make with this weight/fabric?

Thank you.


Cotton tends to stretch when worn so it doesn’t make good socks, they’d get out of shape the first time you put them on. You could make small blankets, summer tops, just about anything. Bamboo tends to stretch too, so needs to be knit at a tighter gauge, but you can use it for just about anything.

If you go to Ravelry’s yarn listing and look up the yarns you have, then click on Projects you can find lots of things people have used them for.

Oh I will go there. Thanks so much.

So I can only make socks with wool then??? Or can I use a cotton blend?

Whatever yarn you use it should have some nylon in it for strength. I have made several pairs and the only o es that last were made from sock yarn (wool) which has nylon usually. The acrylic and wool/acrylic didn’t last very long. Cotton is absorbent and great for kitchen things or maybe a baby sweater or hat.

Bamboo can be drapey and stretchy so it’s probably great for scarves, shawls, sweaters that are drapey, etc.

There’s some synthetic sock yarn, and most wool has nylon blended with it to wear better. I know there are people with wool allergies who also make socks, but don’t recall what they use, probably acrylic.