What can I make with this yarn?

I got some wool yarn from a local spinner and I originally liked it because it feels soft in a skein and is an oatmeal type of color.

However, when I start knitting with it, it starts to get stiff and feels almost waxy. I had planned to make some scarves with it, but no one would like feeling something stiff/waxy next to their neck!!

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could knit with this yarn? I have 3 skeins of it. I always thought wool was soft and fluffy (like the sheep it comes from). I guess there’s all different types.

TIA, knitcindy

Cushions! Theres a really cool pattern for floor cushions in [I]Last Minute Knitted Gifts.[/I] (I only have two knitting books, ok! And one is all sweaters so that one’s kind of a motivator). But anyway, floor cushions would be a good way to use the yarn!

I think hand spun wool can have lanolin (?) or something in it. It may feel different when it’s been washed. We have a spinning and dying forum that might be of help, too.

You might check to see if the needles you’re using are too small for it. That would make it stiff.

You may also try making a swatch and blocking it to see if the lanolin washes out.

So, how do I block wool?? Is there a special soap for it? Do I put in both the washer AND dryer or just the washer??

Thanks again!

This yarn is close to worsted weight, so I used size 8 needles (US sizes) to try to make an Irish Hiking Scarf. That’s when it came out stiff and scratchy. What size do you think I should try instead??


Nooo! If it’s 100% wool and not super wash it will will felt in the washer and dryer.

It will need to be gently hand washed preferably in a wool wash like Soak or Eucalan, but even baby shampoo will work. Gently wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. It may have to be done a few times to remove whatever is on there.