What can I make with these yarns?

I got a Michael’s gift card for Christmas, and yesterday, I bought a few different yarns that I liked and my boyfriend liked. He wants me to make him a scarf, and I want to make myself a couple, so please help me find a few patterns that would look really nice knit up with these particular yarns.

Patons- Cha Cha in Reggae (for me)
Patons- Allure in Emerald (for my boyfriend)
Bernat- Soft Boucle in Teal Twist and in Moss Shades (for me)

I looked on Patons website, but they had no scarf patterns for those yarns.

Thanks for any help, and Happy New Year!

Stef -

Becuase of the nature of these yarns with their texture you’d be fine just doing garter stitch scarves. Any detailed stitch pattern would get lost in the yarn texture.

The Knitting Pattern Central Scarves Page would be a great place to look for patterns - there is an array of patterns for many different yarns.

Good luck!

Can I make the Short Row Rib Scarf with the Bernat Soft Boucle? That’s what I really wanted to make, just couldn’t find a nice yarn I wanted to do it with, until yesterday.


The short row rib scarf should work fine for the Bernat yarn since you need a bulky weight yarn for the pattern. It will look lovey in the verigated colors!

Thanks, sara_jayne. I am going to get started on that right away.

I also decided to make the Not Quite Straight Scarf in Garter St for my boyfriend using the Patons Allure. It’s a simple pattern for the complicated yarn, but it has more going on with it then just straight garter.

Happy New Year!

I agree Stef - knitting straight garter would get boring! I can’t wait to see your finished scarves! :cheering: