What can I do?

I’ve got some gorgeous Sirdar Calypso cotton in lovely summery colours and I’ve no idea what to do with it! There’s only 3 balls because it was part of a bargain bag I bought, I don’t really want to be buying anymore. I’d love to knit something summery to take on holiday, but it would have to be advanced beginner/intermediate level and knit up quite quickly.

So I’m turning to you wonderful, lovely, amazingly talented and helpful people for help! Any ideas?? :notworthy:

It’s the 3 balls at the bottom of the pic -->


how about making ankle socks out of all 3 colors?

I’ve not learnt socks yet :oops:

A little bag to put flip-flops in? You wouldn’t need a pattern, measure your flip-flops, make a rectangle slightly bigger, handle of choice and volia! A summery bag for a summery shoe.

Of course you’re a bit stuffed if you don’t have flip-flops! :teehee:

Maybe some kind of head scarf or headband ?

Hey, maybe you could go to Silver’s sock tutorial and get great instructions on knitting socks! then, you could make the ankle socks.

a cute stripey bag would be very summery- either a rectangle like nobones sugessted or a little circular one? the colors just yell out stripes to me…

Something cute and summery… what about a bikini?

I think a bag would be a great option. Maybe you could try a lacier pattern to do a summer market-esque bag knit in the round?

Hi there!

Could you let me know what weight that wool is and how many grams in each ball.

I can’t promise but I will definitely have a mooch thru my patterns for a summer top and see what we’ve got.

If you like the idea of a top, please PM me.

All the Best


Some nice ideas there! Thanks :slight_smile: I did think maybe a bag but the cotton feels so nice I’d like to try and make something to wear if possible…but nothing too complicated! I did try and look for headscarf sort of patterns but I can’t find anything summery. Am I looking in the wrong places??


I’ve done a bit of lurking (makes a change from larking) about the web and have come up with a pattern for a kerchief triangle that might suit. It specifically mentions cotton yarn for summer.


There are good patterns below for knitted headbands.


You’re right about most headscarves being heavy duty stuff for winter. Anyway, hope you find what you’re looking for. :thumbsup:

All the Best


Such pretty fun colors!

How about a Dream Swatch? You could do it in blocks of color and it would look very 70’s mod! :slight_smile: Or maybe a long skinny scarf, knit lengthwise? Just cast on like 400 stitches and knit it in either garter stitch or stockinette or maybe even moss stitch? There is a pattern for one on DIY that I can’t seem to put my hands on at the moment…

Or perhaps even a summer version of Calorimetry?

I know! I know!
How about something with a very open stitch to wrap around your waist and covers your bottom :oops: over a bikini? You can add some cute kinda fringe at the bottom - super cute!

Oooh! Lovely ideas! I LOVE the Dream Swatch! Thanks Brandilyne :yay: I think I’ll try that one first and maybe the Kerchief if I have any yarn left. I like your idea too Winterblues, I might do that in my blue Calypso :yay:


So far so good -->


That’s so lovely and summery - it’ll be great for your holidays.:cheering:

By the crin, I can see you don’t believe in letting the grass grow …

Good goin’ :happydancing:

All the Best


Ohhh that looks nice, you are knitting that up quick. Look forward to seeing the finished article.

Thanks! It should be a nice quick knit now I’ve got the hang of it. So it’s all down to how much time I spend on it now! I should have it done in a few days hopefully :cheering: