What can I do with two 50g balls of Noro Silk Garden?

…plus another small ball of the same yarn. Its burning a whole in my stash and I don’t have a clue what to do with it!

What weight is it? A hat maybe?

hmm, it looks like its bulky, but i’m not 100% sure, it could be worsted.

ok, according to yarndex, its worsted

Silk Garden is worsted. It would make a beautiful hat!

You could make this scarf:

Here is a pattern for a scarf my sister figured out. Sorry I don’t have a picture of one.

Especially well suited to Noro’s Silk Garden yarns because the length of variegations will create a beautiful interlocking triangle pattern, or multi directional pattern.

I used a size 6 needle for Silk Garden and don’t remember how many stitches I used.

Cast on one stitch.

Increase in stitch, turn and k back.
Increase in first stitch, k to end.
Repeat the last row until your work is as wide on the non-working edge as you want your scarf to be. You will have a piece of knitting that is triangular shaped.

To change direction:
Increase in first stitch, ssk, turn, k back.

Increase in first stitch, k1, ssk, turn work, k back.

Increase in first stitch, k2, ssk, turn work, k back.

Repeat row 3 until you’ve used all stitches. Continue repeating triangles beginning each unit with (1.) until scarf is as long as you like.

To end:

Just as you increased to begin the first triangle, we’ll now decrease to form the ending triangle:

Dec in first stitch, k to end.

Repeat this row until all stitches and rows have been worked.

Fringe or not as you like

Nannaknits that would be beautiful with this yarn, thanks for sharing the pattern!

I’m goign to have to dig out the silk garden in my stash to try it!

thank you for the suggestions, i may try the hat or nanaknits’s sister’s scarf. i’m sure either will be beautiful with this yarn.